Is Apple’s Click Wheel Dead? Are iPods Now iPads?

Apple is the only competition to Apple, no other company can even get near Apple, so, rivaling is out of question. One can establish this truth from the way it conquered its own iPod market with its new iPad. Everything is iPad now, be it nano or touch, all seems to be integrated in iPad itself making iPod obsolete. If the photos of new iPod cases that were leaked for sixth generation iPods are to be believed one can be sure of iPods click wheel option being removed. These photos reveal that one iPod case is smaller when compared to nano iPod. Also cases have provision for Touch screen confirming the death of click screen. Another case, seems to be larger than Shuffle iPod. Nano with Touch screen does predict the end of iPod. iPad is a large version of iPod with touch screen, and if the cases are larger, one can be sure of one thing, that iPods are slowly culminating into iPads.

If the shuffle is discarded or if it is combined with nano, and the previous design of screen-click is replaced with touch screen stylus, it is as good as renaming iPods as iPads. Many are predicting that this year is the end of iPod Classic model. A similar forecast was done for Classic even last year, but it was not the case. It survived and Apple will want its trend to continue in order to enjoy old consumer base who are very devoted to buying music and video from Apple libraries for iPod Classic. Pricing will also be altered if the 64 GB capacity of iPod touch is upgraded to 128GB. Whether this jump is bound to happen or not, is also clouded with uncertainty. If this was to happen, then pricing of 128 GB iPod touch will be certainly more than 160 GB classic iPod, which is not a feasible idea.

As these predictions are purely based on photos leaked, one cannot be very sure about the happenings. But apple is bound have a line up of new products for its consumers. Apple’s new products may consist of iPad, iPod Touch converted into iPad Touch and iPad nano. iPad nano is combination of iPod shuffle and iPod nano. All these are predicted to be touch screen operated rather than click wheel. iPod classic will again be retained until 128 GB of Flash memory becomes affordable. It is certainly the end of scroll wheel and click concept. Slowly but surely there will be end for the iPod Classic also. Until then, devoted customers to Classic iPod can enjoy their music. Who knows, they can even change their loyalties to new iPad if they find it more user friendly!

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