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The iWork app for iPad of Apple, a collection of office apps, can really work well on iPad. Though this version of iWork which is tablet based doesn’t have those functions and features of the version i.e. OS X, which is high powered, it is not a bad choice if Keyboard Dock for Apple iPad is picked up. This dock is necessary while using iPad as the on-screen keyboard of iPad looks cramped and will not allow the user to write the screen play in Word processor pages.  It feels very cool when you come to know that the app itself keeps on saving the documents for you as and when you create, which is normally not happening on iPad where you can’t search or save a file. For people who generally switch on to another app without switching off the earlier app, they can still work iWork app still in the same working condition as when left, when you go back to it again.

It doesn’t denote that iPad works in all environments. The on-screen experience on iPad is not so acquisitive and people generally feel nostalgic their physical keyboard which is full-sized and easy to use.  There are some temporary problems too on iPad. One of those problems is that printing directly from iPad is not possible. The problem of version 1.0 can be solved by Apple in not much time.   In the interim, working with the multi-touch interface of iPad is pleasantly enjoyable, regardless of some minor glitches. Each app of iWork is available for $9.99 separately, and it not a compulsion that all three apps have to be bought as a set, where by the version of OS X can be brought. However, for using office applications on the PC or laptop, all the set of three apps must be present.

Word processor of Pages for iPad version, works well for creating documents which are simple like term papers or letters.  For creating documents, you need to start from the menu of My Documents which displays the existing files in the horizontal layout. All documents cannot be viewed by shrinking them on one screen, where multi-touch interface failed on iPad, which was a gripe. New documents can be created by tapping an icon with ‘+’ sign at the bottom of screen, and the desired template can be selected. These templates are so elaborative that you may feel difficulty in creating a document and if you do so, people might think that you are an Apple savvy and does only what Apple says. Still you may feel experimenting one of those templates. The original graphic baubles can be cleared out and can be replaced by photos of yours.

It takes some time for getting accustomed to this tablet version of numbering system. After few minutes you will surely get used to it.  To conclude iWork app for Apple’s iPad gives you a robust experience and almost helps you to create good presentations if you can spend quality time.  Charts and tables can be inserted by pressing the icon of picture from toolbar. Flexibility and power of using iWork suite is more than expected. The keynote is effective and dazzling.

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