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Reading e-books in iPad, is very easy using Apple’s iBooks application. Amazon’s Kindle is another such application for reading books on iPad, for free. It has more titles when compared to iBooks, and many other features that make it better than iBook. But you cannot purchase e-books using Kindle. One must use web browser and buy Kindle titles from Amazon.com. With iBook, one can go to e-store in between reading a book, this is not possible in Kindle.

Kindle has well organized books. They are neatly categorized under various headings. Like for example, History genre has sub titles like Africa, Military, etc. unlike plain History category consisting of all types of history titles in one place as in iBook. Apple’s claim of tens of thousands of e-books, will look pale in front of 450,000 e-books of Kindle. Kindle and Nook have a unique feature of magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Since Kindle does not support open EPUB e-book format, downloading from any other site is not possible. It offers many free titles on public domains. But Barnes and Nobles will let you borrow books from a website of a public library. One can link their Amazon account with six other devices, having Kindle software. This lets others read your e-books on their iPad as well.

Kindle can also be used with many other devices to read e-Books. It can be your personal computer, or iPhone, or a Mac system, or even a Kindle Reader. Kindle has a wireless syncing capability. Whispersync is used to sync and bookmark books to other devices. So any subscriptions can be shared with many devices. Apple needs only iPads to read e-Books, so Kindle will be choice of the season for its multiple device syncing ability.

One main drawback is screen with backlit LED, which strains the eye. Holding it all the time for reading also is tiresome and uncomfortable. If you want to reduce glare effects you can change the background settings. Features with reading a book are pretty much same as iBook, like page turning animation effect. There is also reverse text viewing feature, and background color can be changed to make the reading book experience a real one. One can also choose type of Font, adjust brightness to make for a comfortable reading.

But it does not hide the statue bar as done in Apple’s iBook, nor can it be compared to large color images so clear in iBook. Sometimes when reading a children’s book, such images are very necessary. If you cannot find any particular book, then Kindle store is the place to look for it, because the variety is so vast and one is sure to get their choice of book. Installing Kindle software is a good decision after all.

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