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Windows Mobile 7 is one of the steadily carried over projects for Microsoft, the new and advanced high-end technology Smartphone OS. Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 is a miracle for the Windows mobile 6.5 users, which is already up, and selling in the windows marketplace for mobile. This portable office suite is for available and free of cost. It can be utilized for editing documents or attachments that come along with the email, synchronizing files that are stored on a SharePoint 2010 site, which acts as a presentation help. Compatibility purely depends on the mobile. Reading the documents and doing some minor editing work can be done in the all-touch HTC Pure but typing in the squatted keyboard is a trouble.

HTC HD2 is also good for this and a QWERT is preferably better than touch screen typing at any day. Note carefully that the office 2010 mobile app will not support any phones that do not have a touch sense so trying it out on a mobile without touch is futile. Despite this fact, a stylus is mandatory, as the buttons for some of the features are too small to be punched by the finger where the stylus’ duty kicks in. Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on a HTC pure is an adventurous mystery filled with discoveries revealing them.

The installed icon can be found in the start menu as a single icon and the suite includes five core pieces: Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, PowerPoint Mobile 2010, OneNote Mobile 2010, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Word mobile 2010 offers all that you would require a mobile office document application to do and much more than that. Cut, copy, paste added with find and replace, font and paragraph formatting, data insert, word count, saving locations and templates are the options available in the word processor. Microsoft’s new Text Reflow technology is added in this processor which reformats complex documents optimizing it to the smart phone screen resolution which is quite smarter.

This is a display-only feature and the actual formatting is not edited but just resized for ease of use. Once the transfer to a PC is done the word document shows no difference and opens as same as the original word document in a Computer would. Documents Togo and Quickoffice is an integral part of the application for eons together. Inserting cells, charts, functions, and symbols as well as formatting cells can be done with the Excel 2010 mobile. Changing sheet order and data sorting can also be done. Recalculating spreadsheets, viewing color graphs on the sheet itself and over a 100 formulas to choose from is found in excel. For drilling into spreadsheets, the landscape mode is very good. Editing slides is also possible. New notes can be created changed and formatted without any hick-ups. Even the camera is integrated to include pictures. Voice memos can be recording directly without any long process. There is a small browser that can be utilized for a few things related to the mobile application. It is worth updating the office to the 2010 version.

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