Mobile Navigator Version 1.4 for iPhone

Mobile navigator comes from Navigon, which was established during May 2009 in the hardware market of United States. The company ‘Navigon’ is striving to develop the features of Mobile navigator, which is the flagship GPS application of iPhone. For the users of iPhone this Mobile Navigator appears to be a complete solution of GPS.  Hence many market experts choose this app as a choice among GPS applications.

Version 1.2 has brought many updates in Mobile Navigator. These updates include the ‘text-to-speech’ feature for uttering street and outlet names along with the iPod controls, automatic night and day modes and also location sharing. Now POIs can be selected directly from core view, routes can be planned in advance and also phone numbers of POI can be called. Traffic Live is an additional service brought about by the new Version 1.3 at an additional cost of $24.99, which catches the data regarding real-time speed over United States and also extended search of Destination by which incompletely known addresses can be found out.  Now, this new 1.4 version has Google search which enables navigation to any answer. It also added other updates like enhanced pedestrian mode, the audio book mode which enables the user to hear instructions, and route list. Zooming facility is also provided which can be done by a gesture, favorites on map are displayed and the major thing is that this new version is quicker than the previous ones. These entire features almost make Mobile Navigator parallel to Navigator 1.5i from AT&T, RoadMate 2010 of Magellan and TomTom app for iPhone.

POI’s can be searched, address can be entered or a map can be displayed from the main home screen. There are some icons at the lower portion of screen which allows the user to switch from the home menu to favorites list, recent destinations, contacts, route configuration page, other option and vice versa.  The graphics of the menu are dull and the black background with the standard fonts of iPhone stands as norms. This app does well both in landscape and portrait mode and also during navigation. In city-based and nearby POI search trials, the app worked well except for missing few local UPS supplies. The PND-style, which was old, was not so thrilling. Google Search was enabled by Navigon even for those concepts that are not present in database.

Mobile navigator while on road works superb. It almost paralleled the similar application TomTom.  Accurate info was provided by the app regarding the exit signs that are nearing. Small gripe is that manual detouring was not triggered while testing and this might turn up in to a problem in traffic jams that are sudden or on closed roads. Voice prompts on the tiny speakers of iPhone sounded smooth and robust. With premium car-kit from Magellan for iPhone, Mobile Navigator worked well.  Except for small gripes Mobile Navigator is a good choice and a solid contender, priced around $89.99.

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