Moxi High-definition DVR has support for NetFlix, Hule and YouTube and is compatible with Rhapsody and Flicks, can stream digital videos, music and photos from DLNA enabled storage devices or networked Desktop computers. It supports viewing in multiple rooms with purchase of additional hardware called Moxi Mate.

You need to pay a big upfront cost instead of monthly fees; also the learning curve for program guide and user interface is bigger as it takes longer time to get used to them. Also, you can not enjoy cable VOD with this device and it also lacks in-built Wi-Fi connectivity feature. You must simultaneously run a windows PC for using the PlayOn associated video services. The interface gets slow and becomes inconsistent when viewing PC based media and there is no support for over-the-air reception using antenna, also the device’s remote control is not that intuitive and user-friendly. In order to enjoy multi-room viewing you need wired Ethernet connection apart from the special hardware as there is no Wi-fi support.

But if you are willing to pay the high entry price, then you can enjoy the network-enhanced super cool features of this devices and its ability to store 3 programs at same time which makes it a good competitor of TiVo. The Arri’s Moxi and TiVo are the best competing HD DVRs available in market at present. But one of the biggest caveats of Moxi is that it is not compatible with Satellite TV and is capable of receiving only the cable broadcasts. So, you can not use this device if you own a Dish network or DirecTV satellite receiver. Also, there is option to receive over-the-air live broadcasts and if you wish to use Antenna reception, then you must purchase only TiVo. If you want to SDV (switched digital video) support, then you require a special adapter. So, if your cable company provides SDV, then you must purchase additional SDV Tuning adapter for accessing all the channels.

Also, if you wish to access analog cable channels, you require a special adapter which will cost 130 dollars. You must invest this money on buying the Analog Tuner accessory kit from Moxi for viewing analog cable channels.  Also the device does not provide on-screen access to cable interactive features especially the cable video-on-demand. Also, lack of Wi-Fi option makes it difficult for connectivity as you need separate Ethernet connection to like it with your PC or any device. You can purchase a Wi-Fi dongle separately if you want wireless connectivity. But the online features provided by Moxi are good enough but the high upfront cost is a major concern for buyers.

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