Note to Self: Chips Are Out, Apps Are In

A typical technical columnist has to change his writing from complete technical based instructions to application based article in order to hold interest of readers. This is the trend of mobile applications. People are more interested in getting to know about new iPads, iPhones or new mobile service. In this generation of new products and services that make it more convenient for users, knowledge based articles on technical issues like chips will interest very few people.

Current fancy of the people is mobile platform. Mobile now-a-days is not restricted for being used to communicate with others. Many applications that make for smart mobiles is a welcome change. iPhones and smart phones like Android from Motorola company are the ones that interest many. Nokia and RIM are still to trying to get hold of audience’s interest.

iPad is one device that has failed to make a good impression on people. Time after time new models were introduced and they failed. Apple took a quick plunge and got the first iPad. iPad looks like a typical iPhone with Kindle software. It has no stylus, or notepad qualities or hand writing recognition for that matter. It is basically a tablet computer.

It is very different from the smart phones and hence has become very popular within a short period. Sale of these iPads has sky-rocketed, establishing one fact that it is here to stay. We can only remember the days when Macontish computer hoped to sell 100,000 Macs in a duration of 90 days. Now applications for the smart mobiles and iPads are only hot topics and hot cakes to sell.

Google has kept to itself when working around the Net. It can be considered very noteworthy and gatekeeper of the Net. Microsoft on the other hand has tried its hand in search engines with Bing, instead of developing interesting applications for desktop. Money making ways have changed with times and all the companies are following this trend.

Two Companies that are racing with each other to develop new web applications are Apple and Google. Occasionally one gets to hear about an AMD chip or IBM’s venture into cloud computing. Writers have to constantly search for topics that make for a good reading. Issues like Regulations or Laws, Uses of technology at schools and its general uses to the public, Terrorism, Surveillance, and the likes are sure to get noticed and read, but purely technical articles are being read by lesser and lesser people.

Code name conventions are unheard of and not read now-a-days. People are eager to know about barcode reader uses and how to snoop on people using latest technology equipments. Data privacy in these modern times has become a major concern.

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