Pandigital Novel

You may think that with this name Pandigital Novel, the entire deal is on the paper. But this is not so. This is actually an ebook reader. And that’s the reason why this truly looks like a completely technical deal. On the whole you will feel that this is actually a killer and amazing tab. The over all looks are like a tablet. This is because there is color screen with 7 inch. There is built in app like an Android. This makes this reader an amazing tab. The best thing about this is, the price is actually too much affordable and that is the range is around 199 USD.

Now, talking about this Novel the novel is actually smaller and size making it pocket friendly deal or you. Also, the weight is less. There has been good craze on this and that is, the lower weight can be credited to the plastic make on the top. There is glossy frame which is available and also there is a rear panel with matte.

This gadget rocks mainly because of the clarity purpose. There is 600-by-800-pixel. And this makes it a perfect choice. If you ask people in relation to the review then you should understand that most if the people will give you a positive review on this regards. The best thing about this gadget is, there will be typing possible in both landscape and portrait mode.

There is something that you should know about this. And that is, you will be given the best seller list on the home screen top part. Since, there will be need for browsing facilities Novel also has the Wi-Fi facility. But again, the sure experience is going to be a bit tough in the start and then it will make a perfect thing later on when things become settled finally when you get accustomed to things.

If you wish to compare Kindle and Novel then Novel supports the ePUB format. There is also facility for PDFs, JPEGs, and MPEG4 video, and many other things. If you wish to know as to what is the battery time then it would be better to understand that it is approximately 6 hours. However, some people who used this felt that page turning was a bit of the problem. This gadget will come in your budget. Thus, this is a must have gadget in your pocket as it will help you to be friends with so many amazing books. This online or digital book reading will not only be a rich experience but it will also add lots and lots of cost saving thing in your life.

Novel has brought about an amazing revolution in the field of digital reading. This has been a good and enriching experience. The pocket friendly and a perfect reading experience will make you a knowledgeable person and merely with a perfect and affordable deal. Now, talking about this Novel the novel is actually smaller and size making it pocket friendly deal or you. Also, the weight is less.

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