Sony Bloggie MHS CM5

The Sony Bloggie MHS CM5 is the newest in the line of handheld camcorders by the Sony company. Traditionally, this is not an area where Sony performs well, because other companies are capable of producing extremely small camcorders with high-performance standards. The Sony Bloggie MHS CM5 line has gone through many different name changes without being able to establish access within the marketplace. Generally these pocket-sized handheld camera for public use are supposed to go for about $250 apiece. Up until this point Sony has not shown the ability to find a model that can integrate the marketplace significantly so that they can become profitable with this form of technology.

The Sony Bloggie MHS CM5 pistol gripped approach to the world of handheld camcorders is a favorite among the majority of users. The competition has done well with this style of camcorder and Sony decided to mirror image the design while making some improvements on the units themselves. The average video capture is about 1080 with a 5X zoom lens. This allows for incredible detail to be noticed in the videos that are created with this camera. The LCD screen is approximately 2 ½ inches, and the camera also offers a lithium battery that is a chargeable for the convenience of users worldwide.

The Sony Bloggie MHS CM5 Model generally has another advantage in that it can be recharged through USB port on a person’s computer. The battery that comes with the unit is removable, therefore if the battery breaks it can be replaced without having to go through much trouble to get the problem with the battery fixed. The camcorder is approximately 4 inches tall and 2 ½ inches wide. It also weighs approximately 7 ounces and is easily portable. Most people choose to carry this unit in a bag for extra protection.

Sony has chosen to market this model more than the smaller models in the same line. There are multiple ways to save the high definition video that is recorded on the camcorder. A person can recorded directly on the machine in short intervals or use memory sticks for longer entries. These camcorders are also compatible with both personal computers and Macintosh computers. This sets them apart from the competition which are predominantly compatible with PC models only.

Generally in testing the majority of people prefer the Sony model for the zoom capabilities that the camera has. The image that is used with the autofocus zoom feature is extremely sharp, and most people enjoy the use of this feature immensely. A person cannot use this piece of equipment with Windows 7 as the two programs are not compatible. It can be extremely difficult to figure out where the files have been placed in your home computer, but once you figure out this information and editing of the video is relatively simplistic. If that person is looking for a camcorder that can fit their needs and not break their wallet, this may be the ideal unit for them to consider buying.

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