Using a Canon Fs11

Canon is a world-renowned maker of cameras. Their products are known for its durability and high-quality output. Aside from cameras, they also make a wide range of video cameras, or camcorders. If you’re looking for a mid-range priced camera suitable for making home videos, look no further than the Canon Fs11 Camcorder.

The Canon Fs11 Camcorder is not just a camcorder. It also doubles up as a hard drive or flash drive where you can store your unsaved data in case of an emergency. The Canon Fs11 Camcorder comes with a built in internal memory of 16 gigabytes. With that storage capacity, you can save up to forty minutes of low-quality video. You can also give your Canon Fs11 Camcorder’s memory with a 32-gigabyte SD card. It will to extend your recording time to ten hours in certain settings. Below are a few tips on using your Canon Fs11 Camcorder.

Selecting the Video Quality

The Canon Fs11 Camcorder has three video modes; the LP, the SP, and the XP. XP records at nine kilobytes per second (Kbps), SP records at six kilobytes, while LP records video at three Kbps. The XP setting gives you the best video quality but the LP setting will let you record a longer video. If you want a compromise between quality and recording time, you can utilize Canon Fs11 Camcorder’s SP setting. To change the mode, just push on the function button and use the jog dial to pick out the right mode from the menu. Pushing the function button again will save the mode. When you turn your Canon Fs11 Camcorder back on, it will use the same setting you were using when you turned it off.

Using the Scene Modes

Each situation warrants the use of specific shooting modes. The Canon Fs11 Camcorder has scene modes for night shooting, beach, snow, sports, portraits, sunset, spotlight, and fireworks. To change the scene modes access the function screen and then use the jog dial to choose “Program AE” then choose “Portrait”. Look at the different types of scene modes by clicking on “Set”. Save the setting you want to use by pushing in the function button.

Using Digital Effects

The Canon Fs11 Camcorder can add nifty special effects to your video like fading in and out, the old-timey black and white effect, and the classic sepia. You can also capture video using an art or mosaic mode. To do this, click on the function button again and scroll to the “Digital Effect Off”. Pick out the effect you prefer to use using the dial. Just like with the other settings on your Canon Fs11 Camcorder, pressing the function button again will save the mode. Pressing the “Record-pause” button will turn the fade in mode on. Record your video with a fade-in by depressing the “Start/Stop” button. When you want to stop recording, fade out by pushing the “Start/stop” button again.

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