Using a Canon HG10

Canon is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to cameras. They design, manufacture, and distribute top-of-the line cameras known for their high-quality output and durability. Recently, Canon has added to its repertoire of digital video cameras when they introduced the Canon HG10. It’s Canon’s first ever video camera in HDD (hard disk drive) format. This mid-range camera shoots video in AVC High Definition. It’s designed to fit snugly in your hand and boasts of durable controls easily accessed at the right side of the camera. The scroll wheel and menu button, on the other hand, is found on the flip-out LCD. Here are a few tips on using your new Canon HG10.


There are a few things to be done before you start shooting with your new Canon HG10. First, you need to juice-up your battery pack. If the battery pack that the Canon HG10 comes with runs out, you can also hook it up to a battery adapter. Turn off the camera before charging the battery pack. Do this by pressing the power switch found at the behind of the camera. Take out the terminal cover of the battery pack by slipping the battery pack towards the direction that the arrows indicate until it you hear a small click which indicates that the battery pack is in place. Next, the power adapter should be hooked up to the power cord. The power adapter should then be connected to the DC in terminal which is found at the back of the camera. A charge indicator will start blinking, stopping only when the battery pack is fully charged. slide

Turning on

To turn your Canon HG10 camera on, you need to push the “lock button” found on the power switch’s control. Only then can you move the power switch to its ‘on’ position.

Switching modes

The power button on the Canon HG10 serves a dual purpose. It sets the shooting mode of the Canon HG10 camera as well as turns it off and on. The Canon HG10 has two basic modes, the “Recording Mode” and the “Playback Mode”. The indicator light is green when the camera is in the “Playback Mode” but turns red during the “Recording Mode”. To switchback and forth between these two functions, simply slide the power switch over to “Mode” and release it.

Date and Time Settings

You can set the time and date setting on your Canon HG10 camera when you turn it on for the very first time. Use the control wheel on your LCD screen to choose the year, date, and time. When you’re done, highlight the “OK” option. Close the date and time screen by pushing the “Set button” also found in the flip-out LCD.

Taking a video with your Canon HG10

Before you point and shoot with your Canon HG10 camera, change the mode to “Video Recording” by pressing the button with video camera symbol. Push the “Stop /Start” button to start, pause or stop recording.

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