Using a PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras or Pan-tilt-zoom cameras are superior surveillance cameras, which allow the operator or computer to control them in distinct ways that are not possible with standard surveillance cameras, as allegedly stated by the website. PTZ camera control is normally used for commercial applications. It finds use in retail stores to check for thefts, in traffic cameras monitoring traffic flow, and also in high security surroundings like government installations. These PTZ cameras may be positioned in open spaces or inside buildings.

PTZ camera control renders panning control that allows camera movement sideways on its horizontal plane. With this motion the camera can track moving vehicles, as well as any moving object on its horizontal plane.

The tilting feature of PTZ camera control causes up and down movement of the camera. Tilting coupled with panning control tracks objects moving out or away from the spot, for instance, a car moving out of the parking lot. Usually, tilting and panning control are achieved through a control mechanism involving a computer or a joystick, which has to be connected to two small-sized motors located at the camera base. This enables the camera to move sideways as well as up and down.

PTZ camera control also consists of zoom control which is an advanced mechanism. It allows zooming in the camera on a person or an object. Zooming is made possible due to the presence of the motor-controlled zoom lens, which resembles the lens in a camcorder capable of zooming. Zoom control lets the operator zoom in on the driver in a moving car, or get a close view of the hand of any person who is suspected of shoplifting. A few powerful zoom lenses allow the operator to view objects very closely, and also view far up to over a mile.

The PTZ camera control functions can be performed automatically by the computer with the help of the motion-tracking system. Such motion-tracking cameras find use in remote places, or at times when an operator is not available in some places. The computer monitors the camera image to detect any movement. When any movement is detected, it follows the movement, and periodically zooms in on that object rendering a detailed view.

Most of the input on the PTZ camera is preferably recorded to enable a playback in the future. They can also be saved to DVDs to be used as court evidence or other purposes.

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