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Most videographers have forgotten or ignored the necessity to slate their shots. It is not easy to carry a huge clapper along to the sites. But back in the editing, you have to search through numerous clips to locate the one you are looking for. The Easy Slate System is an elegant, simple and straightforward method to slate your shots.

JTV Productions, a production company of Orem Utah, has brought forth the Easy Slate System. It comes as a small neat package, and the simple kit is a nylon bag containing 2 EasySLATE cards, 2 dry erase markers including a cleaning cloth, along with several alcohol-wipes for cleaning up after each heavy use. Though a clapper does not come with it, each slate card is designed to keep the exact information required for your edit station.

Each plastic laminated card has information on either side. One card is the standard Production Slate having the necessary information (Reel, Scene, Shot/Take, etc.) on one side, whereas the reverse side has the back focus chart. In the second card, an Interview Slate is present on the front side, and a Notes Slate is on its reverse side.

Though slating shots might appear to be a backward trend, as the camera has the scene selection facility, it actually saves more time than, when you dump footage into the NLE. The Easy Slate System makes it easy, as it occupies hardly any space, and in a moment you can note down the information pertaining to your shot. You need not grope for a marker, as the kit comes with two of them.

Videographers usually spend money on replacing out –of- style things. Gadgets are good, but possessing too many of them just because they look nice or attractive will not serve any purpose, if they are never used. But the EasySLATE will not be ignored, as it saves the job of dragging extra junk to the shooting spot. The kit weighing just 7.5 ozs (or 212g) will fit in the camera bag itself.

Easy Slate System enhances your workflow, as profanity is brought down in the office. Further, you will avoid the embarrassment from misspelling names of your clients or interviewees. You can have them written down at the shooting site on your slate.

For some, the price of 59.00 dollars may seem high for the two laminated cards and dry erase markers, which can be replaced by a piece of paper and sharpie. But if you lose the paper, you lose all details and may never hear from your client again. Using the Easy Slate System, adds some more professionalism to the production work, impresses the client, and makes the editor happy. It gives more attention to minute details, and is the clever implementation of a simple concept.

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