10 Fun Ideas That Can Be Used for Apple Tablet

Apple declared that it is going to unveil its all research works from past few years in the event conducting at San Francisco, in the Arts Theatre. But for now, here are few essential ideas that can be used for Apple tablet.

Picture frame

Apple’s tablet can be best used as a picture frame too. Buying such a costly tablet and wrapping it in a leather bag when not in use, is really disappointing. Instead, the beautiful 8- 10 inches LED display screen can be used as a picture frame. For this, a type of stand is required so that it can be propped up and connected to Wi-Fi, where by photos etc can be streamed up on to the screen. Other functionalities like weather reports, new stories, traffic reports etc can be displayed.

E-book reader

Various applications like Amazon Kindle app can be installed into the tablet, so that we can read the books of our choice by downloading them from the vast collection of books available in the store. This tablet is very perfect for e-reading because of it large LED screen and the facility of touch screen. It gives a delightful experience of reading it on the screen. There are also some disadvantages like strain for eyes on reading so long, and the battery back up is also uncertain.

Facebook, Tweeting and read and send Email

Tablet when connected to an internet connection like Wi-Fi etc, the whole world can be seen virtually through Facebook, Twitter and by emailing. When you feel bored you can get connected to the world through this. A virtual keyboard of QWERTY is expected, which fills the lower half of display screen and it allows fast multi-touch capability.

Watch movies

It can also be used for watching movies. But it should be noted that the tablet should be able to hold HD (1080 p) movies with no pixels lost from edges. 720 p is best opted for this tablet especially for 10 inch one, as 1080 p will be an exertion. Even the life of the battery can also be saved this way.


Skype provides a free service. Using a web cam, users can chat freely by viewing the opposite person too. Skype can be a better option rather than going for an in-house Wi-Fi along with the video conferencing service by Apple.


iTunes can be accessed very easily as a good interface is provided by the tablet of Apple. A Stereo speaker from Apple tablet’s dock can also be bought for about 200 $ to 400 $. Abstracts are displayed on screen while playing music.


A digitizing pen can be stored on the tablet dock of Apple, where by you can draw pictures when ever you are in a mood to. One can use their fingers also as a virtual pen, as the tablet is a capacitative touch screen.

Download applications

Apple tablet gives you an access to more than 100000 apps in the app store. You can download apps that help you to draw, apps for word processing, spread sheet application etc. Presentation application is a very apt application for Apple’s tablet and can be used for extemporary presentation.

Play games

An accelerometer will be provided by the tablet which provides a beautiful gaming platform. By updating multi-touch softwares, multi-player mode can be installed, where by two or more players can play the same game from different tablets.

Web browsing

Laptop will be replaced by Apple’s tablet as a favorite web browsing associate at home. One can watch movie, browse News sites etc at the same time. These ideas can be utilized for a better experience in using Apple’s tablet.

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