Acer Plans WindowsAndroid Dual Boot for All Dual Core Netbooks

Acer recently intends to include a dual boot configuration featuring both Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Google Android in future releases of its dual core netbooks. With Google’s famous open source operating system causing a commotion in the mobile and digital markets – there being more subscribers for Android than the iPhone signing up for data plans – this announcement can only be considered an affirmation that the Android is popularly adopted as a rival to both Windows and Apple.

Acer states that the primary benefit of this undertaking is its economizing feature. Everyone knows that it’s significantly cheaper to adopt Google’s OS, which means that it’s going to catalyze a rise in demand among the consumers for a combination of efficiency and economy like this one.

This announcement was made right after Acer’s launching of the Aspire One D250 and One 260. These two new netbooks are capable of dual booting Windows 7 and Android. This brand new feature allows consumers to boot the OS of their choice at an equally quick pace, giving them more flexibility to working with two operating systems that each having their own strengths.

Having released countless popular netbooks for two years running, Acer is actually one of the few companies that dedicated itself to netbooks. Other companies, even Apple, have either botched their own network sales because of their releases of tablet PCs like the iPad, or have abandoned the netbook idea altogether and focused more on the manufacturing of tablet PCs and other portable devices. It goes to show how well Acer plays in the netbook niche of the industry.

A similar past attempt would be netbook and notebook makers making deals with the Linux OS in the past which was supposedly taken alongside Windows XP, but it didn’t go too well because the products were not too popular among the consumers. Needless to say, the Android has been a more successful attempt because it’s largely supported by smartphone users all over the world. It worked once when they released the Acer One D255, featuring a dual boot for XP and Android, and it’s certainly going to work again.

With the need for dual boots consistently becoming more significant, it’s about time that netbooks start jumping into the mainstream. With the benefit of flexibility and economy working in their favor, Acer’s deal is really going to make a lot of netbook users and Android patrons happy.

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