AirSpeak Flair

The AirSpeak Flair is one of the most sought after tablet PC units on the market. The street value of this unit is approximately $2000. The main focus of the AirSpeak Flair is to offer wireless access to a desk top workspace. This is ideal for business people who are constantly working away from the office and have a very congested office network.

The AirSpeak Flair has three general modes that are all useful to the average businessperson In the PC mode, a person can have access to files and documents on their work-related personal computer or on the network server where their work-related personal computer is hosted. In the Internet access mode, you will have personal access to Internet connections either through a wireless connection or through a corporate intranet connection. The standalone mode of the AirSpeak Flair allows users to use the unit as a Windows 3.0 compatible device

The 12.1 inch screen on the AirSpeak Flair is a favorite among most users. Unfortunately the larger screen makes the unit have you to carry approximately 4 pounds. The display is still vibrant however that most users are not concerned with the extra weight. This is one of the larger tablet PCs on the market however the versatility of the unit means that it stands up well in consumer testing This unit is ideal for file sharing needs, and quick exchange of documents between coworkers. Switching between the modes of use can be very difficult and requires users to turn the unit on and off to successfully complete this task.

This unit is compatible with the most current PCs and can be used with any personal computer on the market. Testing with Dell computers went flawlessly in clinical trials. The Internet access mode worked flawlessly during testing and the majority of users are extremely pleased with their investment. While the cost is a bit cumbersome the convenience of the unit itself is beneficial to the majority of users The unit comes with a variety of different features that are sure to please the majority of people using the machine.

The USB port is available to hook up other technological equipment. The unit also comes with audio input and output jacks as well as a microphone for voice communication when necessary. it also comes with a unique handwriting recognition software program. People can also purchase a battery as well as a USB keyboard for the unit. The standard battery that comes with the unit usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours. A longer life battery is available however it costs over $200 to purchase separately. AirSpeak Flair is a must-have piece of equipment for any businessperson that needs constant access to their work-related files. The compact nature of the unit makes it easier to travel with them other options.

Many users enjoy the use of the microphone because they can take part in videoconferencing without any trouble. The USB port is compatible with the majority of web cams on the market.

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