Altek Leo 3.5G

More hardware manufacturers are beginning to adopt Google’s Android as the operating system of choice for their mobile devices with touch screens leading the pack. Altek’s 3.5G smart phone is one of the newest on the block to get signed on with Android.

One thing that has been noticed however is that while the Android keeps getting better in terms of functionality; these smart phones seem to remain stagnant. None of them have a screen as large as four inches; front and back facing cameras have remained the same over the years and a maximum of 1GHz processor seems to be the adopted standard. You can bet that Android can handle much more than this. Though, the credentials spelt out above for the smart phones are not bad, we believe that these hardware manufacturers can still fill a niche with smart phones that can take greater advantages of the power of Android.

Altek seems to be getting closer to that niche with the features packed on this new touch screen 3.5G capable smart phone. The beauty of the Android 2.1 operating environment lights up the 3.2 inch wide touch screen the moment it is switched on. Other features include full GPS capability, an expandable micro SD memory slot, extensive 3.5G connectivity, handwriting recognition and a lot more. Guess what! These are not the real wonders of this smart phone.

The Altek Leo has one thing no other phone has ever had; a 14 mega pixels camera on the rear, with the capability to capture High Definition videos at 720p. Coverage from a distance will not be a problem as the 3x optical zooms will draw your subjects closer.

Possible release date is slated for first quarter of next year and will hit Europe with a bang as a smart phone with many firsts including the Android 2.1 platform coupled with the 14 mega pixels HD capable camera and its 3.5G capability. It is unfortunate that we cannot give reliable information on the pricing of this device yet, though it is rumored that it might sell for around $500, possibly off contract. As you read this, Altek is in search of European partners to make the launch and release of the smart phone a success in the market place.

The photographic capability of the Altek Leo 3G cannot be matched anywhere as it even functions better that some standalone digital cameras. This feature will immediately catapult the phone to the top range in the area of smart phone photography and video creation. According to Alex Hsia, Altek’s CEO, “Memorable moments usually happen when you least expect them” and “You want to be able to capture those precious moments anytime and anywhere”, thus giving the company the impetus to be very bold about the camera capabilities of this new smart phone. If you want to experience the full capabilities of this device, then start putting cash together so you can pick it up at the launch in a few months.

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