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An Insight to Facebook

Earlier than before, there were no websites or any social communities for the people to communicate and share their knowledge. Later on, with the advent of technology, Mark Zuckerberg has brought this wonderful Facebook into the light. With his innovative and technological view, the Facebook primarily focuses on the social network’s proper mobile plans and their applications. Being the CEO of the Facebook, he has precisely contributed his well being for the community. With his recent conversation with the media, he proudly announced how the Facebook would bring up the idea in the people and make up the plan for a better social community. He also said that the mobile applications and interests go according to the person’s availability to the service. Comparing the hurdles coming up with other general social communities, the Facebook has a serious and certain roadblock seeing itself truly coming to fruition. It is said that the Facebook would precisely need to have a deep link between the phone’s operating system in order to perform this all happen.

This may even not go at any time soon on the iphone which is even hard to penetrate without an Apple’s operation on the device. Such applications can be done precisely with the help of the Facebook and it won’t be able to do which is especially robust integration.

Experts view

For any platforms those are really hard and difficult to penetrate and really important similar to that of an iphone, the Facebook is really doing its best for serving the purpose. For the android application, the Facebook can be even precisely customized. Some other folks are going to work with the team on some specific things. But the main goal of the Facebook team is not to build a phone that usually competes with the iphone or any such thing in the future. The Facebook is not only for building the operating system from the ground, but relying with the advanced and updated technology for further ease to the community because that would be a time consuming endeavor.

The Google’s mobile OS is famously known for its open source which really means that the other companies like the Facebook are ready to tweak it and revamping the UI. When mucking with the perfect android code, these would usually preclude the Facebook from being able to include some of Google’s Android applications similar to that of the Gmail and Android Market. The Google has even more tighter opinion on the view and restrictions whether that can precisely do these applications which may exclude the deal breaker for social community and network especially if it is working to make the general phone into a Facebook-centric experience.

Far beyond the experience

There were rumors certainly on growth of the Facebook working and on a customized Android build application which was the first reported by the people of Silicon Alley Insider. After the original and true story describing the Facebook mobile experience and ambitions first came over the weekend, the CEO of the Facebook confirmed that the Facebook was at least well experimenting with the Android.

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