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An Insight To Skype

Skype is a popular Free VoIP which means Free Voice over Internet Protocol. And it has around 500 million users all over the globe. This has become quite popular mainly because it has video chat service. It is not just limited to this. It also gives facilities like text chatting and phone chatting. Lately Verizon stood out as the only carrier of Skype on its network. Now, with this there have been some alterations. And with Skype app on android 2.1 there are some modifications now.

If you have an Android and want to use Skype on this then you need a Wi-Fi connection for text chat and others. This won’t use your cellular network and data connection. Yes, it’s true that video chatting is a restriction here as most of the androids have a back facing camera and not front facing one.

It is very simple to use this app. Just create a Skype account if you do not have one. Upload a photo for yourself and then details are to be added. If you have Skype account then you just need to integrate Skype details and your profile on Android. This will save good amount of your time and energy.

Now, you wish to make a call. It is pretty simple. Just type the contact and then press on call. The call is getting dialed. This will make sure that there is a live conversation. However, some delays are natural while taking up and carrying on a conversation. There are other facilities too while you have made a call. These include muting the microphone or going on a pause mode etc.

Talking about text chatting, it is just similar to instant messaging. There can be several text chats at a time with different contacts. The only drawback is sending a picture file or a file is difficult on this. If you wish to know about the call rate then you should know that Skype to Skype calls are absolutely free. But I you wish to make call from Skype on cell phones or landlines then you should purchase Skype credit.

If you do not wish to make use of your cell phone for making calls so as to save money, you can use Skype’s VoIP. Most of the people using Skype accept it the way it is with lot many positives but only a few negative features. They understand that Skype’s indoor reception is not that good, but still it is a good alternative to make calls.

Customers are desperately waiting for the app where video calling will also be possible on a Skype android. And industry experts have anticipated that this should happen soon as it has become a basic need of the hour. The simple and convenient calling systems from Skype are popular globally. And that’s why more and more apps should be introduced as far as Skype is concerned. This simple calling has attracted millions of users all over the world and with increasing apps there will be even better customer base.

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