Android Share Already Nearing Windows Mobile

The market share for the Windows Mobile globally which declined for about 3 % from the shares value of last year, at the same Android shares got up to 3.5 %, as per the Gartner’s data.

The share of the Windows Mobile is about 7.9 % in the whole market as by the end of third quarter in the year 2009, which was an increased share value risen up from 11.1 % at same period the year before that. There was a drop in the sales in the last quarter of this year from a value of 4 million at the same in 2008 to 3.2 million now.

The market share globally was dominated by Symbian with a share percent of 44.6 which is followed by RIM (Research in Maker) the manufacturer of Blackberry which captured a share of 20.8 %. The third position was occupied by Apple with the iPhone OS that took a share of 17.1 % in the global market. The next positions are occupied by Windows Mobile which took up the 4th position while the 5th position was occupied by Android.

There was no significant market share for Android in the year 2008, last quarter, as the first phone that is based on Android, the GI of T-Mobile are not released till October of the year 2008. However there are so many releases of Android based phones this year like the HTC Hero from Sprint, the MyTouch phone from T-Mobile and the Droid from Motorola among others.

According to Gartner the sales are 1.4 million which accounted to 3.5 % of the share market globally of Android mobile. The share values of Symbian show that the value has dropped down by 5 % from the last years. However there are gains for Apple and RIM in last year.

The market share of RIM has risen to 5 % which rose from 5.8 million shares by the last quarter of the year 2008 to a share of 8.5 millions in this year’s last quarter. With the release of iPhone, Apple gained 4 % rise in the share value from the last year’s value, which was 4.7 million shares to 7 million shares this year. Meanwhile, the Web OS of Palm gained 1.1 % of share market in this quarter. According to a market expert, so much of potential was shown by Android as a user space, which is the point where Microsoft Corp is stressed up the most.

Many people feel that Microsoft Corp is more into enterprise system than being a consumer space. This is the reason why Microsoft didn’t get so much applause as a consumer space from the people.

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