Apple is Now More Worthy Than IBM, Regarding Its Revenue

Apple has reached a high point for the first by, by crating quarterly revenue of about $20 billion, who has to be thankful to a large extent to insatiate demand for Apple’s iPhone. This iPhone-ization of the users, across the world, made the researches experts to survey this phenomenon. They understood that an exceptional resent towards other devices made people buy the Apple’s devices and less resentment drive them to Blackberry.

Recently, according to a study, published in Consumer Research Journal, conducted by the University of Tilburg, the envy not only forces people to buy iPhone, but also encourages people to pay too much for it. The authors of this study said that people who are envious of others who own an iPhone are ready to pay extra 80 Euros, on average. They also said that people who are little envious about others who have a good phone, they are opting for iPhone, a better phone than many others. Some people who are maliciously envious about others who have an iPhone, they are going for a Blackberry one, which is little costlier than iPhone.

As per a report from Apple, the sale of iPhone this quarter are double than those of the last quarter. Hearing this many people envy pleasantly on their neighbors’ who are possessing iPhones from Apple. About 14.1 million iPhones were sold by Apple, gyrating in revenue of $8.8 billion, for this quarterly which ended on 30th September. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, about 80% of the total revenue of the company is made up of the sales of iPhone units, from the field of Mac PC’s of the company.

A $20.34 billion of revenue was reported by Apple in which a net profit for quarterly is about $ 4.31 billion otherwise $4.64 for diluted share, for this quarter. When compared to the same quarter of cast year, it comprises revenue of $12.21 billion in which the quarterly net profit is about $2.53 billion or each diluted share of $2.77. The company reached record revenue too, last quarter which is around $15.7 billon.

In an interesting manner, the sales of iPad are not all those. The sales of it, event didn’t reach exactly to the expectations of the analysts. About 4.2 million Apple iPad’s were sold by the company, raise from the sale of the last quarter which is about 3.3 million. Though there was a raise in the sales, the analysts were expecting that the company will report a sale of 4.7 million iPad’s. Though it is not surprising, have the cost difference, double the number of iPad’s were sold by Apple, which compromise to 9 million gadgets, it is a stunning fact that iPad has cannibalized its younger sibling. The iPods sales were less by 4% compared to that of the iPad.

Apple also sold Macs which are about 3.9 millions, in which Mac books comprised two-thirds of those Macs. Apple TV devices are also sold which comprised of a quarter million. The sales of TV units of Apple are not reported by the company, in an interview to SEC, today. To get an idea about the sales and profit of Apple, it can be compared to the revenue of IBM. The revenue of third quarter of IBM is reported to be $24.13 billion, where a drop of $3.6 billion is noticed in the net income. On the whole, the envy should be thanked for the raised profits of the Apple Company, as reported by the study of Tilburg University researchers.

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