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AppoTize Convert2

AppoTize, the company founded just about a year ago by a team of technically sound professionals has delivered a really advanced iPad App that is taking the iTunes platform by storm, within just a day of its release. This application, christened the Convert2-TechPro has already climbed onto the “New & Noteworthy utilities” category on iTunes. And the owners have shown gratitude as the President of AppoTize stated; “We are honored to be added to this exclusive list”. This is surely one company to look out for in its chosen niche.

This application is one designed to give engineers, students, technicians and engineers and enjoyable experience with their work on the iPad. It can be used for conversion across several units of measurement and also aids data sharing with iWork applications and all other iApps with copy and paste capabilities. The reliability of Convert2-TechPro for iPad is very high because its design and conversion codes are consistent with acceptable International Standards, specifically, the “Guide for the Use of the International System of Units”. Also, it contains virtually all units of conversion that will be sought after by any professional across several fields, making it a Universal conversion app.

Main features of this powerful conversion application for the iPad include direct access to the online portal of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, seamless integration with iWorks and some other iPad apps, accurate conversion up to seven significant figures, in built conversion calculator, and a clear description of the different conversion unit symbols. Also, it comes with a simple interface which is intelligent and can be customized to meet a specific need.

For the Convert2-TechPro to be used on any device, a compatible i-operating system, starting from iPhone OS 3.2 must be installed, with a minimum of 1GB memory and 7.1MB of memory space. In terms of acquisition cost, this app is almost free as it currently sells at the Apple App online store for just $1.99, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the multitude of conversions that it can offer on the go.

The strength and capability of this application can be another demand driver for the iPad as engineers and technicians, especially those involved with very complex and large projects would have a rethink towards owning an iPad, just because of this application. There is also a strong possibility that this application can increase greatly the number of engineering students who would now settle for the iPad.

Though, the conversion categories covered by this app are well over 50, some of the categories not easily remembered off hand include angular acceleration, 2nd moment of inertia, magnetic flux density, dynamic and kinematic viscosity and a host of others.

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