Asus Striker II NSE

The Asus Striker II NSE motherboard can support up to a core 2 Intel processor. This makes it popular with many users because of the speed associated with Intel Pentium processors. The maximum speed the computer can handle using this motherboard is 1600 MHz. There are cheaper versions of the same motherboard that have less power and support a maximum of 1333 megahertz per unit. Even the cheaper units can handle up to 1600 MHz if they are overclocked.

The Asus Striker II NSE board also comes with express video card slots. The video card slots are in both SLI and PCIE and PCI compatible formats. Storage is available in both DMA and SATA fashion. There are half a dozen SATA compatible slots. Dual controllers and LAN line access are also available on this board.. There is the capability to put in a Supreme FX soundcard as well. It slips into one of the slots on the board very easily. This sound card uses an eight channel high definition output format when hooked up with the proper cables.

The rear panel comes with hookups for a keyboard as well as dual LAN and SATA ports. The results of the availability of six USB ports for other various technological means to be used in conjunction with the computer. The Asus Striker II NSE also comes with a firewall port and a switch that can be manipulated for overclocking units. This version of motherboard comes with the unique fusion block cooling system. The blocks are made with copper, and are designed to work in conjunction with a liquid cooling system. The board also has a display of any voltage problems that may occur during the use of the computer.

There is also the opportunity to display error codes on the outside of the machine in relatively easy fashion using an alert with an LED display. This is useful for game players who need to figure out how to modify their machines so that their games work to the best of their ability. The board layout allows for video card expansion if it is necessary much to the delight of most users. Sometimes if you are using dual cards in conjunction with the audio sound card there may be difficulty in finding extra slots that are available. Unfortunately people that are constantly overclocking their machine constantly have to reset the Asus Striker II NSE unit.

This motherboard allows for memory level up as well as automatic overclocking. This is beneficial for people that are constantly adding to their CPU All of the settings for the overclocking unit are in the same location for easy access. There is a color-coded warning system when the computer is over working so that you can avoid frying your motherboard. There are also options for automatic overclocking so that people do not have to manipulate the settings themselves. Many people are pleased with the speed and efficiency offered by this motherboard model. There are more expensive units out there however they do not always provide a better overall service to the user.

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