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AT&T Navigator

There are various people enjoy the use of the AT&T navigator function on their iPhone. This application costs approximately $10 per month and will be added to the users AT&T wireless service bill. The price of the application is not expensive when users consider all of the features that they will be receiving.. This application provides turn by turn instructions that are verbally offered to an individual so they do not get lost when traveling.

Another advantage of the AT&T navigator feature application is that it is constantly updated by the network. This means that the user will save money because they do not have to buy maps or other direction related applications in order to stay current when traveling. The AT&T navigator also offers many other services such as ways to avoid traffic and gas prices included with the navigator functions. Some users do not like the fact that they should purchase a power supply and mounting application in order to receive the maximum benefits from this application. Users must consider that they are saving money because they do not have to purchase a GPS unit which can become outdated in time.

A person that does not do the majority of their traveling in areas where they are not familiar with the surroundings probably does not need the AT&T navigator application. A person that does a lot of traveling will find the application extremely useful especially if they are in areas where they are not familiar with the surroundings. This application is exclusive to the iPhone and a person will need to have an operating version of at least 3.0 or higher in order for the application to work. Many people were pleased when this application became available because other smart phones offered similar functions but the iPhone did not until recently.

The average person will be pleased to learn that the application does not interfere with the other functions of the phone. This means that they can worry less about losing data. Unlike the average GPS unit, this type of system requires much more attention in order to be effective. A person should consider safe driving tips before starting to use this navigation system. You will begin the option to search for common businesses such as restaurants and gas stations with the search option on the main menu. There are many different types of options for choice of route including main highways, fastest slowest and least amount of traffic. This means the person can select how they would like to travel and minimize their stress level when traveling.

In order to receive optimum sound coming from the iPhone application plugging it into the cigarette lighter in your car is probably the best option. Make sure to set the application to always on so that you’re not having to deal with the application going to sleep in the middle of an important journey. Many people will find that using the navigator makes life extremely easy because they are no longer worried about looking for street signs. It is possible to listen to music softly while using this system function application.

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