AT&T Stores of Illinois are Selected for iPhone 4’s MoGo Talk XD

MoGo Talk XD will be made available in Illinois via AT&T store, today for iPhone 4. The integrated, advanced Bluetooth headset is the first ultra thin (5mm) headset of the world, which is included in the design of iPhone 4, provides users, the comfort of possessing charged headphones all the time with them. This is an intelligent Bluetooth solution which gives the quality in protection of iPhone 4 and convenience in communication.

The headset of MoGo Talk along with the case system, gives function and form via a gracefully powerful communicating device which integrates well with a fashionably slender protective case for iPhone 4. This headset is the world’s thinnest one and gives you the high performance and will be always charged.

This headset gives crystal clear two-way conversations, supplemented with Smart Audio which is powerful in reducing noise and wind with the technology of echo cancellation.

CEO of ID8 Mobile, Stuart Nixdorf, confidently said that their expectations regarding the launch of MoGo Talk XD in Illinois for the product iPhone4 will be exceeded. He also added that Chicago is one among the peak tech places in that country. This city might only appear suiting to encourage the product i.e. MoGo Talk XD, in a place, in which people get charged regarding unique and new products of technology.

A solution for the raising distracted forcing epidemic is also facilitated by MoGo Talk XD. Ophrah Winfrey, based at Chicago is one of the strong boosters of the citation “do not SMS while on drive”. She says that Texting while driving a car or motor vehicle is like driving a vehicle after having four drinks. Hence MoGo Talk XD can be used as an option while driving to talk, instead of talking or texting on their handsets. This MoGo Talk XD, can be docked and automatically charged on the case of the phone and is also very accessible to talk while on drive, with out using the handsets.

Along with safety and convenience of Bluetooth, MoGo Talk XD offers a crystal clear sound between the two people on phone, an ear bud convenience kit along with a protective case for iPhone. Ambient noise and wind will be suppressed by the head set. An individualized comfort fit will be provided by the six ear buds which are interchangeable. The most valued iPhone 4 can be protected from scratches and bumps by a case that is provided with it. The website of AT&T can be visited for the details about closest locations of the store.

Regarding ID8 Mobile

ID8 Mobile is the manufacturers of MoGo Talk XD. It is the starring developer of chic and smart mobile accessories that suits the life style. The chief products of ID8 mobile include the MoGo Talk, the award winning one and also the MoGo Talk, the award winning one and also the MoGo Mouse. MoGo Talk is an integrated Bluetooth headphone which is the first ultra-thin Bluetooth in the world. MoGo Mouse is the other smart device from ID8 Mobile which is about the size of a business-card. It is Bluetooth enabled which charges and stores inside the PC card of Laptop or the 54 slot/ express card. For now, this MoGo Talk XD is regarded as the ultra thin Bluetooth.

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