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Unfortunately many people did not give the AVADirect PC enough of a chance to be successful because of other companies overhyping previous releases. Can many other models do not live up to the hype regarding overclocking abilities but have scored well in testing. This leads gamers to purchase the computers under the false assumption that they are getting the best possible machine available. Many users did not give the AVADirect PC enough of a chance because they were burned in the past by other models.

The Intel core i7 processor along with the ability to clock at 2.66 GHz and 3.88 GHz when overclocking helps the AVADirect PC to stand up well to almost any past or present test that can be given. Many people are skeptical when they first see the almost $3000 price tag on the computer, however for the serious gamer the investment is worth it because the computer tends to crash very rarely and can take quite a beating before needing to be upgraded. Most of these PCs are custom built to specification therefore the range involved in prices can vary quite a bit.

People purchasing this unit will appreciate the fact that there are almost 100 different case options available for users to choose from. There are also over a dozen motherboards as well as graphics cards, sound cards and memory cards that can be customized for the individual users needs. Obviously with this level of customization the price and appearance of each computer will be drastically different from the next. The AVADirect PC line is intended to be a leader in customer service. This means that the more specific a user is about their needs, and the more detailed they will find the results they will get when they receive their machine.

Custom systems do lead to the possibility of software interaction problems as well as hardware interaction problems. It is impossible to have this level of customization without some glitches in the construction process. There are certified basic systems which can certainly help a person to alleviate any problems during the construction process. The company also guarantees that they check the system is stable before it leaves the manufacturing center to be shipped for customer use.

The overclocking system as well as the cooling system are considered top-of-the-line. There are also advantages such as the easily accessible top mounted USB ports and audio input areas. Many people also appreciate the fact that there is a media drive as well as a DVD and Blu-Ray burner included with the machine. There is the action of removing the blue Ray player and burner in order to save a couple hundred dollars. There is a display unit which will tell the user the fan speed as well as the temperature of the CPU. This is valuable information to avoid the computer becoming overheated.

The unit did not crash in several tests that lasted over 12 hours of continuous play. There are also options to increase the speed beyond what the chip can handle for an extra hundred dollars.

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