AVerTV HD DVR Video Capture Card

The AVer TV HD DVR video capture card is intended for individuals that want to digitally master video footage. This can be done through various computer programs, however the process cannot be completed without a video capture card that is DVD compatible installed on the computer that the individual doing the digitization is using. The The AVer TV HD DVR video capture card can handle all types of video input including camcorder tapes, video game play and old VHS home movies.

Using the The AVer TV HD DVR video capture card is a relatively simplistic process once it has been properly installed. Installation should not be attempted by a novice, however if you have installed other hardware into the computer before, doing this should be very easy. The hardware itself comes with a program which is very simplistic and reminiscent of earlier generations of DVR software The person installing this can use either the HIDMI video output or the S-video connection. It is also possible to hook something up to both devices and use the program that came with the video card to switch between devices when editing.

The program itself comes with the capability to handle video audio and photographs editing functions. You will only need to use the video component of the program. Depending on the video recording device, minor crashing is possible when the recording device is hooked up to the computer. Making sure that your input device is compatible with the software is probably something that should be done before purchasing the video card and software. Some people find the DVR boxes tend to have more glitches than video game systems for example. Asking a technologically intelligent person to come along with you to make sure you get the correct program and video card is probably the best bet to avoid extra stress.

Finding the specifications for each input device to work sufficiently can be very frustrating. Some people choose to use this software and video card only for transfer of files between computers. Other people have moderate success using other video input sources. Other users have had better success when using the S-video output as opposed to the HIDMI function. Sometimes there is too much electricity running through a computer in order for everything to run sufficiently. Online reviews have been mixed at best. Video will be captured in MPEG-2 format and can be converted to other formats later. The maximum resolution that can be used for this video is 1080.

This product is really a hit or miss based on personal preference. The AVer TV HD DVR video capture card has been successful for some users while not worth the investment for others. The best advice is to consult with a qualified professional before making a purchase for your video capturing needs. Failure to do this can lead to financial investment that is not wise or helpful in the long run.. Video editing can be a frustrating process when the technology will not work properly. Patience is required in order to use the The AVer TV HD DVR video capture card.

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