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Avid Marquee

Artfxual’s Avid Marquee Demystified helps to learn the use of Avid’s new title tool ‘Marquee’, through a DVD-ROM trainer package, which will help you use basic and intermediate tools provided in the application. Templates, fonts, video-based instruction and useful Python scripts are available in the DVD-ROM. An intermediate course that follows the video overview also comes with it in PDF format. It is in fact a stand-alone training course hosted by Steve Bayes, and belongs to the series of DVD-ROMS giving Digital Media Training, hosted by him.

The installation guide is excellent, and goes farther, to describe some of the scripts and templates, much like a tutorial added to the intermediate course and overview. The first thing is ‘Tour of Templates’ which displays twenty-one readymade templates arranged similar to a slide show showing images one after another. Each template has a small card, two kinds of lower-thirds, bullet- points template, credit points template and quotes templates. They allow you to use Avid Marquee instantly, and they can be edited and modified to suit you for subsequent use.

The ‘Avid Marque Tutorial’ is divided into two parts namely, a video overview of Avid Marquee (25:32) and the PDF intermediate courseware (39 pages). The first lesson teaches you to select the Marquee tool, to maintain the tool as default title tool, and to reset the original one back to default, if you are not fine with Marquee. There is also an option to convert existing titles made with the original tool to Marquee. It helps you get a good insight about upgrading existing titles into Marquee, still having the option to revert or modify later if you wish.

‘Marquee Windows’ gives an overview about the interface. It gives significant information about some powerful tools, and outstanding elements of Avid Marquee. You can see how to add lighting to texts, and manipulate texts in 3D space. The remarkable flexibility of the application is quite useful, and the feature overview will help you use all the features of its tools, quickly and easily.

’Title Creation’ is the purpose of using Avid Marquee. The tools help you create titles with distinct color, position, scale, tilt and effect. You can stylize and reuse your work for the entire timeline. Illustrative examples help you understand the potential of this application, and superior quality screen fonts are given to help you start with. You can learn to enhance the overall font quality on the timeline, along with improving the reaction speed while deciding about the best appearance for your effects. In this part, most lessons deal with techniques for creating text with bevel, and using lighting to give a unique appearance for the text.

Your work, involving text, stylized scenes and backgrounds can be saved as a native MQP file. Native Marque files contain all of your text and settings, and can be reused. You can learn to save titles at differing resolutions into Avid bins.

Lastly, the visual overview deals with ‘Rolls and Crawls’. It teaches you to create as well as render a small crawl. Though this section is not long enough to let you explore the speed of your crawl, there are lessons apart from the video to help you more.

The PDF intermediate course elaborates the training, and covers advanced techniques that deal with the entire range of features offered by Avid Marquee. You can learn to key-frame as well as animate the effects and titles, that you learnt form the video overview. All the information contained here are vital to get started. Some of the expected shortcomings with gradients in the 4:2:2 system are pointed out here. You will come to know the tools with regard to their limitations, and explore numerous templates, learning to modify and save them. You will also learn to identify problem areas in titles, and the limitations with color space.

It is a bit disappointing that the video overview is just for half an hour, excluding the time taken for installation training, which is by itself a nice tutorial. However, the short video-based trainer performs an outstanding job of teaching you the basic Avid Marquee interface. Undoubtedly, you will see yourself perform amazing tasks with Marquee, after you have gone through this trainer. The PDF guide is quick, comprehensible, informative and useful. Built-in templates and real examples give good insights as you learn further.

Avid Marquee, normally used by advanced Media Composer users, is included with the Avid Xpress Pro, so that it is now made more mainstream. Thus, Artfxual’s Avid Marquee Demystified happens to be a swift and easy trainer to elevate you to the position of an advanced Marquee designer with just an hour of learning.

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