Blackberry PlayBook Tablet Misses Holiday Launch Due to Bugs

Ashok Kumar, an analyst from Rodman & Renshaw has brought out a note explicating why RIM’S (Research in Motion’s) first Android tablet, the Blackberry Playbook, would not be launched before or on Christmas holidays this year. He said that the playbook is apparently plagued by the bugs and the new operating system ‘Neutrino’ by QNX is fully not ready to be flaunted to the world. Nevertheless, it was credibly even a judicious move on their be-half to keep the gadget away from the reporter’ hands who were covering the announcement of RIM last week. Though we can’t lay our hands on the new Blackberry, yet we surely got to eye the new ‘Play book’. From the visuals, we can say that it’s an impressive work of hardware. Though we can’t really tell about the material quality, the build quality and the finish/fit of this device, it looked damn sexy. This QNX-powered tablet, which is 7 inches diagonally and 9.7 mm thick, it looks like a slab of glass. It has a dual camera with a 5MP rear facing camera and 3MP front facing camera. A choice for on board storage of 16GB or 32GB to store the media is available. But still there is no clear idea in the real world usage about how well the QNX UI works. Without laying hands or using the actual gadget we can’t comment on the work of this device. Though the hardware looks amazing, we don’t have any idea about how it feels.

As per a report, the Playbook version of 3G or 4G is in the works, but plans to introduce it earlier than summer 2011 may not be ideal. The playbook from Blackberry was actually planned to be launched in early 2011. It also features a high definition video conferencing, 1GB of RAM, a dual core processor of 1GHZ. It has such a slim 10mm profile with a 1024X600 capacitative touch screen. This whole new package runs a new Operating System made by QNX known as Neutrino, that can manage a rich flash, 3D, and multimedia based on HDMI. The applications are partitioned by Neutrino in such a way that, though one application gets crashed, the whole system will not suffer.

As of now, RIM has been fairly honest and frank regarding the issue of the launch of the tablet which cannot be out in time for Christmas holidays. RIM would do the same thing as Apple did i.e. as Apple launched both the 3G and Wi-Fi versions of iPad together, RIM might also do the same, if RIM don’t wish to alienate carrier partners by extending no ways of wireless data revenue. If the Wi-Fi version is the only thing that will be available for even two months on the market, many people who would have taken up a Playbook along with a data plan, may really just make do by attaching their Blackberry to the computer or tablet. Similar to the iPad, where some services providers have choose to do with iPad, carriers of Playbook may be capable to tip into that section by charging more to share information between the two.

Despite the hurdles, what so ever, it is glad that the RIM has announced the Playbook, instead of keeping it under folds till it is more complete. Though, many people waiting for it will be bummed by the truth that the launch of the Blackberry’s Playbook, may not be in time i.e. on Christmas period, there will be ample time for fine tuning of this thing and to excite the consumers, before its release by early 2011, especially on the side of platform, which stays as a big question mark for now.

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