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Boris Continuum Complete 6

Editing motion graphics such as films is an arduous and repetitive job. Some plug-ins like Adobe CS4 and Maya make this task easier, but most of the other commercial plug-ins focuses more on special effects that an amateur might enjoy using. The Boris Continuum Complete 6 is yet another exception to this rule. It features more than two hundred filters that cover your editing needs from text animation, to compositing, to digital video footage repair. These filters aren’t simply cheap special effects; they’re serious tools that any production artist worth his salt would use without second thoughts.

The two hundred filters that come with the Boris Continuum Complete 6 include an astonishing three-thousand, five-hundred preloaded presets. Unlike with the majority of the other plug-ins, the presets found in Boris Continuum Complete 6 are actually quite useful in editing. They allow you to fine-tune the effects you want to apply. You may need to spend some time looking in the menu for the specific preset you need but the end result is definitely worth it. Boris Continuum Complete 6 can definitely hold its own in terms of quality against other commercial plug-ins.

Users give special praise to the 3D text and spline extrusion tools found in Boris Continuum Complete 6. The 3D text tools give you total control over the texture you want to apply, lighting, the depth and profile of the bevel, and more. The preloaded presets built-in to the Boris Continuum Complete 6 make editing a whiz. Also, if you want a flawless integration of the 3D elements into your work, you can simply use the 3D text and spline extrusions to utilize the composition camera and lights.

Aside from the 3D effects, Boris Continuum Complete 6 also comes with a full set of filters that include distortion effects, transitional effects, blurs, 3D shatters, film looks, snow and rain, motion tracking and video correction/repair filters. Whew. You can easily tell that Boris Continuum Complete 6 can easily replace costly commercial filters and save you thousands of dollars. Having all these features in one package makes it easier and faster for professionals to turn out quality output. After all, they only need to learn one kind of workflow. It saves you from a lot of upgrades too.

To be perfectly fair, Boris Continuum Complete 6 also has a few bugs than need to be worked out. Some camera moves results in weird interpenetration issues when After Effects 3D layers were combined with BCC 3D extrusions. Thankfully, these issues were easily compensated. A few 3D extrusions had slightly aliased edges, but it didn’t really happen very often, so it’s not that much of a problem.

Just to prove the product’s versatility and quality, you can even download a trial version of it online. Boris Continuum Complete 6 is virtually a steal at only nine-hundred, ninety-five dollars for the whole package, so if you’re looking for a high-end plug-in that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Boris Continuum Complete 6 is definitely worth a try.

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