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Film editing is a long and tedious process involving nearly endless repetitive tasks. In the past, editors had to use extremely slow and clumsy hardware. To say that using these hard drives involved a certain amount of drive failure, is like saying that the ocean involves a certain amount of water. It was simply a question of time until the hard drives of yore failed, and took all of your hard-earned work to data heaven along with it. Technology has advanced to such a degree that these days, you can drive-failure proof your work with RAID technology. RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks. It acts as a fail-safe in case of hard disk failure. RAID 5 allows you to keep on working without losing any data even if one of your hard drives fails, but at a slower operating speed. It gets back up to its full speed, capacity, and security when the broken-down hard drive is replaced. One of its versions, RAID 6, even lets you work even if two of your hard drives fail.

Some users prefer to make their own custom-made RAID systems. For those who prefer professionally built and tested RAID system, you should check out CalDigit. CalDigit is a small, California-based electronics company that manufactures reliable RAID 5 and RAID 6 systems at affordable prices. Recently, they’ve launched a new piece of hardware dubbed the CalDigit HDPro2. As you can surmise from its name, it has a CalDigit HDPro predecessor which performs perfectly well. CalDigit HDPro2 however, is simply a great leap into editing technology. It would be like comparing a flint knife to a Swiss Army knife. Both serve the same basic purpose of cutting, yet the latter has a distinctive edge in durability, versatility, and overall usefulness.

CalDigit HDPro2 runs at a mind-boggling seven hundred megabytes per second. I’d italicize the last sentence, but I want you to read it again and again. Think of the amount of time you’ll save and the amount of work you’ll be able to do at that speed. It’s even more amazing when you realize that CalDigit HDPro2, runs on a protected RAID configuration with only eight SATA hard drives. At this unprecedented speed, you can expect a smooth playback of your audio and video streams, as well as a reduced waiting time for those rendering. Let’s not forget the significant increase in your real-time editing.

As mentioned earlier, CalDigit HDPro2 is preconfigured for RAID 5 protected mode. RAID 6, users need not fret since CalDigit HDPro2 can easily be reconfigured to work with this double-protected mode too. That’s not all; CalDigit HDPro2 also comes equipped with Active Sustained Transfer Technology or ASTT. With ASST integrated into the CalDigit HDPro2, data transfer size and timing is optimized. ASST also assists in maintaining sustained data rates throughout the entire RAID system. Inconsistencies in performance dubbed “latency” is eliminated with CalDigit HDPro2, which gets rid of the risk of dropping frames during video playback.

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  1. ODRTech says:

    HDPro2 is the most innovative eight-drive hardware RAID solution around. Hard to beat for a pre-made, even a few years later.

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