Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN is amazing because it is an all-in-one printing unit. This can make life easier for office workers and personal computer users alike. The unit is extremely efficient and fast, and has the ability to print out top-quality finished products almost every time. The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN is affordable and only $700 in terms of financial investment. The unit comes with a one-year warranty in the event that there are problems with the printing system.

Despite some minor glitches in usability, this Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN model printer is ideal for small to medium businesses so that they can have all of their printing needs taking care of sufficiently. The printer is also very active in terms of what it looks like from a visual appearance standpoint. Overall is one of the best models on the market, and customers will be pleased with their purchase. Printer gives the ability to do normal printing tasks as well as having a scanning and faxing function available for users.

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN cannot be used as a standard fax machine, as well as a copier. It can handle up to 50 sheets of paper in a single request to copy. This is helpful for individuals that need to mass produce certain documents. The unit can also scan documents up to legal size for the benefit of businesses that need things to look more professional overall.

The printer is very large, it is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 19” x 17” x 19”. This can make placing the printer difficult within the confines of the office. This is one of the drawbacks to using the Canon Color ImageClass MF8350CDN because many people are not necessarily ready for how large the printing unit will be upon delivery. Many users have trouble finding a place to put it on their desk. The unit weighs more than 64 pounds, therefore it is reasonable to expect needing assistance when installing the printer so that there is not physical injury if one person tries to handle the unit.

The printer can process 21 pages per minute. That’s faster than a page every 3 seconds. Most users will be pleasantly surprised with the speed and efficiency that the printer runs with. Individuals that want to use the printer to scan over a network will find the process complicated. If a person is buying the printer specifically for this reason they will most likely need to work on the specific settings needed for remote scanning. This is one of the places where the unit is not the most efficient printer on the market.

Sometimes setting up the can be difficult because some of the drivers are hidden. This means the actual installation of the printer will need to be done with someone that has moderate computer knowledge. The printer itself is user-friendly however the installation process can be somewhat complex. Overall the model is more than successful at meeting personal and business needs for the majority of computer users.

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