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Clouds Text Effect in Pixelmator

Many design conscious people enjoy using the Clouds Text Effect in Pixelmator to add a little bit of extra flair to their design. Doing this does not have to be difficult because most people can follow the simple instructions necessary in order to bring the effect into existence on their computer screen. All a person needs to do in order to be able to use the Clouds Text Effect in Pixelmator is understand using brushes, blending and basic filters in the program.

The first step to using Clouds Text Effect in Pixelmator is to open a new document and use the highest possible pixel resolution. A person should next import a picture of clouds in the sky into the program. These can be found on various search engine’s. A person can then use the text feature within the program to input some text into the document. Usually this text should be about 300 pixels in size Many people use a black background and white text, although some people choose to use the opposite but they will lose the effect of the clouds in many cases if they use that design.

There is a brush that can be used for smoke and clouds in the Clouds Text Effect in Pixelmator making process. The problem is that the brush needs to be modified in order to be successfully used for this purpose. Modifying the brush settings until the clouds can be properly created will take some time and trial and error however, a patient and creative person should have no trouble in completing this task within a matter of minutes. The person should click the text layer on the layer palette creating a marquee and change the blending to screen. From here a person can use their additive cloud brush to give the proper affects.

From here on other layer will need to be added with white paint and paint the clouds specifically over the edges of the text that is already existing. This will help the edges to be less visible to the average viewer of the finished product. You can use approximately a 50% opacity to make things went together nicely. This process should be completed over several layers so that the clouds blend in appropriately. You will want to use the same basic settings as before only this time using 50% highlight level. Some people are not impressed with the 50% and choose to adjust those levels accordingly. At a level that is on top of all other levels and use the color yellow or orange for this layer. The opacity should be about 30% on this level.

The previous level should be blended properly, from here all levels should be blended together to cultivate the final process of the project. The good news is you have the opportunity to add anything that does not look the way that you intended for it to appear. There are other effects that can be made with the same basic principles. This process will take a while to get used to however it is a great way to use special effects in your design.

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