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Combustion 4 Training Course

Combustion 4 Training Course, a 6 DVD course from Ken LaRue has an impressive presentation of Combustion which is a complex and rich application. The course consists of over 34 hours of training material with about 4GB sample files. It has been produced with excellent sound and video, and the quality of information is impressive too.

The tutorials portray a good balance between going through good clips and repeating significant points, for proper understanding. The author’s enthusiasm and humor is appreciable. The lessons help you learn the working of the application, and also to apply them—for example, ‘slave capsules’ that are already created, are included in the DVD, which allow you to simultaneously adjust the effects for multiple video clips, thus saving time, as you don’t have to create them yourself.

In the Combustion 4 Training Course, the lessons are shown at 1280 x1024 pixels. So, if you take off the screen space occupied by playback controls and navigation of the tutorials, the size of the Combustion screen you are watching in videos happens to be the same 1024 x728 screen, which is the usual working screen. You can follow the lessons without any stress on your eye or position.

The cost of Combustion 4 Training Course is 298.00 dollars, which is expensive, but not if you compare it with the cost of an equal quantity of live instruction. The video allows you to learn at your preferred pace, repeating the required portions and taking breaks.

The navigation controls are standardized, and do not allow going back for just a few seconds, or to scrub some desired point of the tutorial. You can only go to the start of any selected section, and the length of each section is about ten minutes. QuickTime files can be directly accessed on the DVD, which can be run with any player. If you are specific about finding any particular movie, then after locating it in the Combustion 4 Training Course DVD, play it with Sony Vegas. Thus you can speed up the videos, but still understand the author’s commentary, coupled with a quick review of any section.

The standard interface preferably requires a set of controls that are more flexible. Standard controls are designed to suit the person who can settle down to go through every lesson from the beginning to the end, with just an option to repeat a whole lesson. There could also have been a ‘skip intro’ facility at the start of each DVD, as the title and credits take a significant amount of time to roll.

The Combustion 4 Training Course DVD set is suitable for new users, and intermediate users have a lot to learn from it. Advanced Combustion users may just require ‘What’s New’, a course available for 68 dollars.

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