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Cross Processed Lomo Effect in Photoshop

Many design experts appreciate the opportunity and ability to create the Cross Processed Lomo Effect. Doing so is relatively easy if you can follow instructions and are willing to investigate the various ways that the effect can be used for the benefit of a design. The Cross Processed Lomo Effect is generally used on personal and professional photography. It is very important to create a layer of curves right away. The soft curve will be very important to the overall design The idea of the soft curve is to control the brightness and contrast of the finished product.

The next step in using the Cross Processed Lomo Effect is to create a new layer of all black. Use the blend mode and adjustment should be made to the hue as well as the opacity being set at 40%. The next step is to merge all the layers together into one. Then you will need to properly work with the sharpening function in order to create the right amount of light and color in the design. The next step in using the Cross Processed Lomo Effect is to make the almost like using the elliptical tool that comes with the program It is usually best to use the area of the photograph that you want highlighted to the greatest degree for this selection process.

The next step is to make sure that you invert the selected item. Use the appropriate resolution to get the desired effect within the picture. You won’t want to use a function to darken the edges too dark however putting them in a medium range is probably your best bet. This will help your main subject to stand out in the photograph. The more that you can get light on the main subject the better the finished product will be You want to use the blur lens effect in order to get the right amount of light contrast. This can take a long time because each photo has its own specifications for how the light will appear best. Using time to get the proper specifications without trying to rush is usually something that none of its users do not do and they do not get the highest level of function ability from the program or effect itself. This is not to say that the approach does not work, but users will have to be patient in order to get everything specifically lined up so that the finished photograph has the desired design.

Bring back to the function of the curves that were created in earlier steps. It is also possible to create a new layer of curves if that is more convenient for the user. Just the red colors first followed by the green colors soon after that. Last the blues should be adjusted. If it is done properly you should notice a yellowish effect making the photograph looks relatively older then it was originally intended to. Generally speaking most people use this effect to create a feeling of nostalgia.

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