Cyber Criminals Are Becoming Smarter Than the Smartphone

As per a report from the head of the Crime Commission of Australia, the global fixation of Apple’s iPhone is turning to be a threat to the security of people and their information. Not only this, a complete criminal industry is developing around this obsession. John Lawler, while speaking in a conference held at ‘Australian institute of criminology’ in Melbourne, said that an irresistible temptation for instant applications and services, is keeping the safety and security of people at threat.

The chief financial expert of Apple, this year, spoke in a shareholder gathering that about 70 fortune hundred firms are either trying out or using iPhones, and is interpreted that this mobile is a must-have business mobile. The usage of iPhone is out ranking the blackberry phone rapidly. Blackberry mobiles and other mobile Smartphones allow the IT staff of the company to upgrade and install the security software of its own, whereas iPhone doesn’t permit its staff to use its security software thus leaving its business networks to the risk of incursion.

Mr. Lawler also added that the raised usage of the smartphone means that the felons are getting many opportunities to utilize the mobile to steal, swindle, and intrude or to defraud the users. He also added that these personal communication gadgets can be used by the criminals in an organized way to swindle the personal information and cause a security threat. Mr. Lawler worked in the Federal Police of Australia, before he became the chief executive of Crime Commission in the month of March, a year ago. A pullulating black market is being created, even by a small wish about possessing the phone. This year, in the month of May, raids were launched by the European police in about 11 countries, to crash the Neapolitan mafia network, which was distributing and importing fake/ imitation iPhones that are manufactured in China.

Many technical experts feel that using iPhones in the business network for better quality and results may be turned as an opportunity for the cyber criminals to cause damage to the security. As per a report of AFP, a top officer from Australian Crime Branch feels that iPhone is vulnerable to the security threats like information theft and hacking.

There is a malicious security flaw in texting via iPhone, where an unspotted bug in the mobile is allowing the cyber criminals to hack the mobile and this was detected by the researchers, this Thursday afternoon. Through this, the whole information on the phone can be hijacked by the hacker. For this, the cyber criminal need not need any information other than the iPhone user’s mobile number and remaining everything is processed by the SMS.

Experts are warning the users of iPhone to take this matter seriously. They also are telling a tip to save your mobile from hacking i.e. whenever you get a suspicious text message, immediately switch off your iPhone. This may atleast decrease the consequences of hacking. The cyber criminals are getting smarter day by day, and to tell you all, smarter than the smartphone.

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