Deal Between Google & PayPal for Android Market Expected Soon

Reports from the Street says that Google and Paypal are finally announcing their tandem, making one of the best online payment solutions a payment option for the search giant’s Android Market. As far as making things official are concerned, the two internet icons are only a step from sealing the deal, with the announcement planned in Oct. 26 right at the Paypal Developer’s Conference to be held in San Francisco.

So technically, none of the buzz is strictly official yet. But taking all this alongside past rumors about Google having talks with the e-commerce platform and anyone would conclude that this is anything but a rumor.

Besides, it’s not like as if it’s a bad idea at all. Google’s partnering with Paypal would do most of us in the digital world a lot of good. This is something that Google should accomplish if it wants to beat Apple to reaching out to people like us.

As of the moment users who purchase Android applications via credit and debit cards as well as Google checkout. Obviously, with Paypal’s 87 million users, even Google has to admit that not very many platforms can beat the e-commerce website when it comes to payment convenience and security. The bad news (at least for the competitor Google) is that the iTunes, having about millions of paying patrons, is one of those few applications that can match Paypal.

And it’s not even just about competition. After all, there are countless developers out there that are loyal to the Android. The problem is the fact that Google payment methods are currently accepting a limited 32 countries. And when you’ve got Apple serving over 90 countries, it’s time to work double time. And as you’ve guessed it, Paypal is the only other platform that can serve that many countries chuck full of paying clients and ready to be paid developers.

Naturally, the success of this plan will lead to more applications for the Android, which is the next challenge. Improving the billing services in the Android market would certainly do wonders for Google’s standing in the 70,000 (Android) vs. 230,000 (Apple) applications count with its competitor. While fortunately, the Android has recently beat Apple and RIM in terms of shipping in the smartphone industry, shipping products is a totally different battle from that of expanding product variety.

It’s safe to say that sealing this rumored deal would open endless doors of opportunities for Google and its champion OS Android. In a nutshell, it’s going to help them bring in more apps, allow consumers to pay more conveniently, and facilitate better payment for developers – which is exactly what we want.

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