Delay Stalls LG Tablet Launch

Apple’s competitors seem to want to get it very right before launching a tablet assault in the direction of the iPad. For some time now, several hardware manufacturers have indicated that they will release mobile devices that will compete with the iPad, but very few have stayed true to this promise. The latest foot dragging in this regard is coming from LG Electronics, the renowned Korean manufacturer who recently announced a delay in the release of its planned iPad rival. Samsung Electronics have at least done better with the release of its Galaxy Tab.

The excuse from the stables of LG is that it intends to focus on bringing smart phones to the market capable of giving the Apple iPhone 4 a run for its money. This much was released by Bloomberg News as heard from an unnamed LG executive. Consumers and technology analysts’ world over looked forward to the release of an LG Android tablet at CES 2010 last January, but that was not to be, even though the hardware was already in place as at then. It seems LG is still trying to fine tune adaptation of the Android OS for its devices or feels it would be more profitable to compete with the iPhone rather than the iPad.

The strategists at LG might have a point to back up this decision, because there is some skepticism with regard to the real value delivered by tablets like the iPad. Most people still believe that the phenomenal success of the iPad cannot be logically explained and are waiting for the long run to see what really happens. You would remember that most people and even some Apple lovers were pessimistic about how well the iPad would do when it got on to the market. So much hype and marketing gimmicks have help, but Apple itself is still pleasantly surprised at the success of the iPad. The most important reason for this skepticism is that the core strengths of the iPad can still be performed by devices that are less expensive and sophisticated.

Regardless of notions and opinions, the iPad is doing extremely well in reality, with estimated sales figures hitting the roof. So, why are other hardware manufacturers leaving the whole turf to apple when there is so much money to be made? At least, there are a number of other gadgets out there that do not have real value, but maintains sales.

In conclusion, we would advice hardware firms that desire to launch an iPad rival to do their homework well and present features that would outshine the iPad, rather that try to copy it. Also, dates should only be announced when there is some level of confidence as Apple gains inversely from the negative publicity that failed dates come with to the announcing company.

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