Dell Latitude 13-inch Laptop

The ultra portable laptop, Dell Latitude 13, inspires techno lust when it is picked up first. Its slender and sleek design weighs about 3.5 pounds. It has a great keyboard without a power brick. The LED backlit display screen appears pretty good for almost all desktop chores. It is just 0.65 inch thick and all this Laptop- PC goodness comes in such a small package.

This new Latitude 13 from Dell is shipped with a Core 2 Duo SO7300, an ultra low voltage, running at 1.3 GHz. RAM of 4 GB accompanies the processor. The integrated GMA 4500 HD from Intel is built into the chipset of the laptop and this constitutes the graphics hardware. That specific CPU- GPU mix prevents this Latitude 13 from executing all but the most free and easy games- but still, this Latitude 13 is all business. The cost of the laptop starts at reasonable price of 479 US dollars with a fairly less RAM and low end CPU. The test configuration is determined as 1044 US dollars, as of 8th October, 2010.

As the specifications of the Latitude 13 laptop is seen, one despicable secret became evident i.e. the non- replaceable, integrated batter of Latitude 13. It is not bad to have an integrated battery by itself as Mac book of Apple is having it since the launch of ‘uni-body design’. Anyhow, the Latitude did not receive the full proposal regarding built in batteries; if the users are going for a laptop with in built or fixed battery, they must be cautious about the battery life and make sure that the laptop offers a good battery life.

Unfortunately, the Latitude 13, staked low grades in the battery life test conducted, which showed that it lasts for 3 hours, 28 minutes. This score is among the worst battery life test results especially for ultra portable laptops that have been seen and this low battery life will be responsible largely for the laptop’s very scummy overall performance degree. As every one knows, battery life tests play an important role in suggesting the overall performance of the ultraportable laptops.

This low battery life limits its usage on overseas flights or cross country utility unless the on- board power connectors can be accessed.

The Latitude 13 got a score of 66 in World Bench scores though not a world shaking score; it is not an unsatisfying score for such a light and thin note book. The laptop appeared to be still responsive, even with 30 tabs opened while running a web browser. Only a port for VGA is present for connecting to a display. Port replicator is to be added if digital output is needed.

On the flip side, it has got pretty good features. It key board has an awesome feel and good design for a subcompact lappy. It has a bright display which is highly advantageous for web applications and business. Audio is good for such a small package. An in- built webcam is present which works with Skype and other video enabled conferencing services. The Dell Latitude 13 is a costly ultra portable that costs around 1044 US dollars.

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