Dell’s Streak Tablet to Be Released Soon

Dell, the tin box flogger, is going to launch ‘Streak’ tablet, at sometime in the next month. This tablet is about 7 inches. At the Oracle Open World conference held in California, Michael Dell himself disclosed the Dell’s new tablet Streak, in the month of September. The streak tablet from Dell is being vended as a business tablet, with a secure and safe enterprise email. It runs Android 2.2 operating system. Amit Midha, an executive of Dell, recently announced that this tablet will be out soon, mostly with in few weeks. He also added that a 10 inch model will be launched most probably by the company, this year. Not much detail about this 10 inch model was reveled by Midha, but he was apparently not seen at the keynote of IDF 2010 of Dell, a few weeks ago.

A report from the Inquirer, said that Deve Zavelson, a marketing manager at Del, brought out a 10 inch hybrid laptop tablet. The Dell Inspiron Duo runs a Windows- 7 Operating System and has a dual core processor of Intel Atom N550 and is primarily designed for use as a tablet.

An unprecedented combination was offered by the Dell Streak, which includes the screen size, processor power and quality of the design. Support for Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth impact all the wireless optimum spots, while calling capabilities, photo and camcorder smudge the boundaries between the phone and tablet. Though the size of the Android tablet puts it in the debate between smart phones and tablets, the Streak from Dell is the first Android, worth taking earnestly. Dave commented that this tablet is the world’s most potent 10 inch tablet. He also added that the design signifies its use for business and also for relaxing.

Well, it might be possible for Dell to work on more than 10 inch tablet for business purposes. As reported in a journal named Wall Street Journal, Dell executive Midha said that “a whole slew” of kit is being worked up by Dell, which includes several tablets, with many frame sizes. All these models are due for launch within six to twelve months. Midha told the WSJ that in very near future, as a matter of fact, Dell might be launching the seven inch android tablet along with a 3 inch product additionally. But it looks that Dell and Midha are not on the same foliate. When Dell is contacted about his issue, it stated that, Michael Dell, earlier this month, showcased a prototype of 7 inch tablet at Open World of Oracle. Opportunities across a grade of screen sizes are exploited by Dell to extend the experience of mobile, but no further details are shared at this point of time.

There are some disadvantages about Streak. They include the awkward touch screen keyboard, a below average quality of music, poor life of battery and the camera position that tends to cloud videos and photos. Anyhow, all the gadget freaks are eagerly waiting to see a good competitor for the iPad tablet computer from Apple. At this point of time, Dell Streak can be seen as the strongest contender; though its phone capabilities and pocket size design makes we wonder whether to judge it as a smartphone. However, the design quality and features of the Streak tablet, are simply too tempting to ignore. The price of it is tough to swallow as it costs around $299 with an AT&T contract for 2 years and about $549 without contract.

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