Chillingo has developed Dracula ‘The Path of the Dragon-Part II’ as a sequel of the adventure-oriented Dracula. It continues from the end of the previous episode, and is sure to be a thriller for vampire fans. But, it can be played without the first one, though downloading the first episode could portray the entire story.

Your role is that of Father Arno Moriani who is a priest on an investigative mission to find a suitable candidate for sainthood. Your mission is hindered by local legends and fearsome incidents, leaving you to prove that vampires don’t exist in a situation where you are yourself doubtful about the fact.

You are bound to be engrossed in this complete point and click adventurous game. It is also characterized by numerous puzzles that must be solved to keep progressing to the subsequent stages. Control operations are easily achieved by holding down, and swiping with your finger to glance briefly, and click on a selected item for interaction. You may interact with anything labeled with the red gear logo. An inventory provides distinct sections to hold the items you pick, and the documents you get.

The items and documents which you collect along your venture can be used to solve puzzles. Further, your alertness and intellect will help you with the puzzle-solving. This game may not be right for you if you are hopeful of holding a stake for the living. There is never a real threat for the character you are playing. There is no prescribed time limit to solve the puzzles, which don’t seem hard enough. After an hour of curious gameplay for the first time, it leaves no such urge to play it all over again.

The fascinating graphics are quite elaborate, and the video clips, though of short duration are highly defined. The sound effects are good, constituting of a continuous eerie track that correlates with the creepy atmosphere.

With excellent graphics, the second part of Dracula -The Path of the Dragon- creates an air of curiosity, leaving the player to wish for more. However, the substance of the game is not enough to play it over and again, and so repeated replay is not interesting. The website boastfully states that the game offers three to four hours of play, but I got only an hour in spite of being bad at puzzles, overly cautious and scared of such frightening games. Taking these into consideration, one hour is not an appreciable time for a daring adventure-based game like Dracula. Priced at 1.99 dollars, it’s not that bad, particularly if you intend to buy the whole series of Dracula. The third part is also released.

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