eBookstore and Galapagos Tablets Are Launched by Sharp in Japan

On Monday, it has been announced by Sharp that Galapagos, a media business that is Cloud-based will be launched in December of this year, in to the market of Japan along with two e-books that are tablet styled. Sharp announced that Galapagos will a bookstore of e-books, initially, with a significant accent on periodicals and within no time, more content and subject will be made available in the store. With about 30,000 books, news papers and magazines, the Galapagos service will be launched first and will provide delivery service, automatically every day for certain free samples of books and also many periodicals. Users of Galapagos will be allowed to recommend the books to their friends, to mark details in books or periodicals as favorites and also allows them to download the newspapers users want, every morning automatically.

Two more devices were launched by Sharp to support the services of Galapagos and they both are called as e- book readers of Galapagos. Two models, among which one is 5.5 inches model and the other is 10.8 inches model, will be launched by Sharp that will have LCD screens with high resolution, web browser and an integrated Wi-Fi in them, thus making them evolve into a mixture of both e- book readers and tablet devices. The model of 10.8 inch will be made available in black color where as the 5.5 inch model will be made available in silver and red.

This software and hardware of Galapagos, during its launch this December will be available only in Japan. This e- book reader availability will not be there in the United States, and its future anticipation is not known yet. The cost of this Galapagos software and hardware is not announced yet.

Features of Galapagos

  • The subject from the books present in bookstore can be downloaded and read when desired.
  • It has a special service for newspapers. Magazines and other periodicals, known as “Automated Deliver Service on Schedule”.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface and robust graphic capabilities.
  • The software of it will be updated periodically.
  • The term Galapagos means “evolution” and Sharp is trying to keep up the name.
  • The 5.5 inches display version has the feature of track ball and it allows the users to rotate so that the pages can be flipped with single hand.
  • Information can be downloaded on PCs using “Galapagos station”, the e- book app software.
  • Websites can be displayed on the LCD screen with high resolution by the web browser.
  • The application of social networking service that is pre installed can be used to know the comments of the readers and maintain friends online.

Whatever, the launch of this Galapagos software along with its two devices, is expected soon by all the gadget freaks and e-book learners. Hope this new launch will be available all over the world soon, after its launch in December in Japan.

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