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Facebook Denies That iPhone App Broadcasts Private Phone Numbers

Recently, Facebook has denied that the Facebook iPhone application violates Apple’s Tunes App Store terms of privacy for the reason that it uploads numbers in the address books of its users to the social networking site without any warning.

This is a response coming from Facebook representatives to the recent accusations that the iPhone application called “Facebook’s Official iPhone App” could send to the platform numbers and other personal details, rendering it accessible to anyone. These allegations caused a distressing implication that anyone who syncs their iPhone using the application would end up uploading all their contacts to the website without any authorization.

Facebook representatives point out that contact details that go to the site are only accessible by the user who uploaded the data. This was said to be intended as a back-up system for the data, which is pretty much like any other online phonebooks or contact lists for email that people have used before for the same purpose. As a Facebook spokesperson puts it, only the user can see his own phonebook in Facebook and not anyone else.

As a matter of fact, Facebook emphasizes that the application notifies users of the effects of syncing their iPhones with the application prior to confirmation. They’re referring to the notice which says that enabling the feature all contacts would send to Facebook, subject to their privacy policy. It further warns that photos and other information of friends would be added to the iPhone’s address book.

The Facebook representatives even stressed the last part which tells the user to make sure that their friends are okay with how the information will be used.

On a final note, Facebook emphasizes the importance of how both Facebook and iPhone users alike should spend some time learning how to use the social networking site and its official iPhone application. They encourage users to make the most out of the social networking site’s privacy settings.

This is in line with the fact that Facebook has always been designed to give its users more control over their accounts, and that includes their usage of the iPhone application. Naturally, the aspect of privacy is also something that users should control – whether they allow information to be viewed publicly or to a limited number of people, if at all. Besides, Facebook’s privacy settings are set to be conservative by default so that people don’t accidentally post information that everyone would be able to see – the same would go for the iPhone application.

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