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Facebook Responds to Public, Implementing New Features

Almost 750 tweets are placed on web each second. The internet traffic has been growing by an enormous amount of 40% each year. Every month 2 and a half billion of photographs get posted on Facebook. Every minute that goes past, 24 hours long video gets uploaded to YouTube.

You are probably wondering about who has control over all this data? For a long time a big firm had extensive control and use over these details to monetize operations. However with same difference to everything else, this has gone through a change too. Facebook launched two newly designed features, ‘Groups’ and ‘Download you information’ and aroused great interest from the users and this has leaded the change to occur.

If people were to believe and agree with Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook, users of Facebook have extended control on who views their data and to what extent they can view. Also they can pack their whole social graph in form of zip file to go to another social service.

‘Groups’ is the service which tries to challenge a problem Facebook has been facing for a long time. As users of Facebook would be aware, your boss, an old friend, relations and many others are all your “friend”. This may be an annoying case and even sometimes an embarrassing one.

According to Mr. Zuckerberg’s meeting with a journalist, he noted that one of the easy ways of creating small closed groups on social network sites, like a real life group, is one of the biggest problems in social network as a whole.

The basic service the group feature provides to the users is the ability to create groups of friends in Facebook with a maximum of 300 user and the also those who join the groups can use the Group conversation and emails and settings of groups can easily be changed through the privacy settings.

With alternatives like Diaspora to come, which is going through a designing procedure as a free to view source, privacy conscious networking and the plans of integrating social networking components into Google services through the ‘Google Me’ Facebook have to work out “strategic preemptive move” is stated by Mr. Mishra who is a Director.

However the Group features of Facebook as its unique baggage which is not ‘choose in’. Someone in your friend list can invite you to become a member of a Group, and it is up to you whether to accept or reject it. It indicates that the tradeoff between providing the user extended control and encourage use, Facebook has went for the latter and sought and still seeking for ways to encourage use.

The users of Facebook should start preparing themselves for increased noise, because the new contents will be offering a fantasy of protected conversation space which will encourage sharing of extended personal data.

Mr Zuckerberg predicts that the extent to which people share data will be shifted up by a massive amount and it will become fully addictive for users.

In the Executive Director’s opinion, those who gets added to one of the groups on Facebook without their permission creates so many rules, considering that you log in to check your social networking account on regular basis to take control over damage in a short time and as a result your friends can follow the best protection practices available.

Among the Facebook users what should be noted is that, they do nothing on Facebook group that they will never do on their email, even if they are closed, secret or open.

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