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Fast Contacts

Though contact-management software is pre-installed in the iPhone as well as iPod, the default features are inadequate for most of the power users. However, Fast Contacts App from SpiceLoop which offers latest and powerful features has come to the aid of those who are seeking for more contact management features.

Priced at one dollar, the most powerful aspect of Fast Contacts App is its filtering capabilities, unlike the iPhone’s Contact application which has no filters, and also has limited search capability. Fast Contacts App has the ability to sort the address book based on varying fields namely, names, events, suffixes or prefixes, companies, photo contacts and different address fields. An advanced search field is available to find every data stored up in your address book, apart from basic information for the name. By default iPhone app finds only the name and the basic information.

Apart from reading and writing to the iPhone’s contacts, Fast Contacts App can synchronize with MobileMe, Outlook and Exchange with the help of iPhone’s built-in features. Alarms can be set and filtered to render easy reminders for events. It can also be fused to send mass e-mails to contact groups. But there is no facility to create groups within the application.

Fast Contacts App shows off its distinct feature of displaying contacts in the Cover Flow-style view. Though I didn’t find any useful aspect in this feature, it could be what some people are longing to have in a contact application—and here it is. Further, several presets are available to customize the color theme.

Though Fast Contacts does not introduce any fundamental changes so as to revolutionize the contact-management style, it has brought forth many necessary features to enhance address book management in iPhone. Other similar applications with additional features include ABContacts and Groups. However, Fast Contacts is cost-effective and competes with viability, making it worthy.

It is also superior to the lackluster Apple contacts application’s Multiple search options along with searching notes. Varying themes can also be set. One of the drawbacks as stated by the devs is that it lacks the facility to create new groups on Apple’s SDK. Another is that after a new contact is created, it is not possible to assign it to one or more groups. So, the user should create a contact within one of the groups, which is not comprehensible enough. Further, if you want to add some contact in a hurry, assigning a group leaves you pondering. There is another application which allows you to create new groups (Lite version to boot) and also to assign new contacts to any group. With the two drawbacks corrected, Fast Contacts App would be an ideal one.

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