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File Maker

Looking back at the years when I had my consulting business, creating FileMaker databases for my clients, I thought that I was a power user, carrying out challenging tasks with File Maker Pro along with automating work flow to the maximum possible extent. Now, though not a consultant, I use it for my non-profit organization known as MacGroup-Detroit, Inc. The new features included in File Maker App since the past few years are really beneficial.

FileMaker Go is offered in two forms, as the iPad version and as the iPhone plus iPod touch version. However, I chose the iPad which gives more workspace with the larger screen. It has been developed with much attention to details. For instance, after you launch it, the local databases (those on your iPod) are displayed on the left, while FileMaker Pro Databases which are running on the network are seen on the right. Sensing that database installation on my iPad would be quite fine as in Bent App, I went on to explore the networking abilities.

The FileMaker App in my iPad could be opened wirelessly without any hassle. The iPad version of this app enables me to add, edit, delete, or find records and also switch layouts. Further, the user-friendly interface is thoughtfully designed, rendering many functional aspects as an inventory, evaluator, order taker or even an administrative assistant, and much more. FileMaker App thus, forms the best solution to access data from the top of your palm. Though it is not a new database creator, it enhances database construction in your computer.

The iPad version of FileMaker App costs 39.99 dollars, slightly alarming, but not bad taking into consideration the prevailing market trend. I opine that it should have an additional capability of running on both iPads and iPhones, which would be fair. The cost of iPod/iPhone version is 19.99 dollars. At present if you wish to run FileMaker App on both iPad and iPhone, you need to buy both or else purchase the iPhone version leaving out the benefits of the iPad’s size. Apart from this, there are no problems with the prices. If you are a consumer rather than a business user, Bento App would perhaps be more suitable.

Except for small layout glitches in the database, FileMaker App performed remarkably to show my FileMaker Pro layouts exactly on my iPad. Using the App is quite simple, and there is nothing more I can expect from it. Inability to print is a limitation of iOS and not of the FileMaker App. Report sharing would be easier if an Export or Print to PDF feature is available. Apart from these, FileMaker App is a must for business users or dealers who could make it available to their clients.

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