Foursquare Co-Founder Says Facebook Places is ‘Boring’

Few days back, Facebook announced the introduction of new places and location based services. Foursquare gave the statement that Facebook new services and places are very boring. Facebook tried to show its API partnership with different companies through its places and services. Foursquare chief executive gave the opinion about the places. He said that the places are boring.

He said that he got a chance to play with different facebook places and they are not as great as it was expected. According to him, the places are so boring that no one would like to come back to visit these places again. Everyone is familiar with Facebook social networking site. Facebook has always created interesting applications for its users. But this time its new innovation is useless and boring.

The best thing about the application is that it is a Facebook product and millions of people are already connected with the Facebook. Now you can know the location of your friend through location based services. As it is a Facebook product it has the capability to attract million of people. It is not necessary that everyone will feel boring through this new application.

Some people may find it interesting to visit places on Facebook. Everyone has different opinion about the application but foursquare Co – Founder has made it clear that he did not like the new application. A big fact in the current trend is that facebook is the best style to gain popularity. If anything gets attached with the Facebook then it becomes popular. The same concept is applicable for Facebook places. It does not matter they are boring or interesting. The main fact is they are related to Facebook.

People require some interesting feature that can attract them. Today it is very hard to draw the attention of the users. You have to use a number of techniques to attract people. Now you don’t have to worry about anything. Facebook is the easiest option to draw the attention of millions of users. Through a simple click you can become poplar.

Everyone has a facebook account where you can also meet your old friends. This is also an effective style of online business. You can even make your website and product popular through Facebook. If you want to share some important facts about you then it is also possible through a simple click. This social networking site has made the world very small where everyone can communicate with each other.

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