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Friends in the Face of Facebook

Nothing that is in the social media is real which is also as acclaimed documentary Catfish shows. The most disastrous happiness at a viewing of highly admired documentary Catfish is said to be when the main person, Nev Shulman, was about to discover that the lady he fell in love with on Facebook, possibly did not exist, reading the sexy text chats loudly.

(“I was in the shower/bath/insert location here/thinking of you…”)

In the eyes of the audiences he is a man he is a man who has been fooled by a foreigner he added as friend and has fallen in love with.

The questions which comes up here is that the social media world has nothing real. Every person on earth is a performer like Nev Shulman and it has become to be a shift in the culture which is spreading quickly and marking the path we take part in.

Throughout the recent years in all around the world there has been a movement towards the peep culture which is basically a culture of entertainment which concentrates on watching others, outsiders, friends and family not during a performance but in times at which they are actually not performing specifically.

As the life has started to be viewed as a place where people are entertained, a problem arouses which is that humans are not simply living anymore. People broadcast on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, various blogs, television and so on.

As there is a change in the rate we use media, relatively the number of people who use it increase and also their understanding of other people is changed too.

They spend their time thinking that they are a kind of products and they concentrate on finding new ways to get more friends and become popular.

In the case of Catfish, it takes 8 months for Nev Shulman is about to meet with his friends in real. He fell in love with a woman he does even know that exists; in fact what he fell in love with is the Facebook profile. What made him fall for her is her beauty, abilities such as painting, singing and many more.

Nowadays humans measure their value by the number of “friends” they have. However the social networks are a good way of improving or creating successful business relationship.

What should definitely be noted is that contacts that people have on social networks are not friends and additionally one must beware of the online pretences.

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