Generally speaking the Gateway4300-15e has not received entirely positive reviews. The computer is moderately priced at approximately $680. Users that need a high output unit may want to look elsewhere. However individuals that just need to do basic computer activities such as surf the Internet or write an e-mail will have very little trouble completing these basic tasks. The Gateway4300-15e TV tuner is not the fastest the highest level of technology available. Most people would consider it a bonus feature that is not necessary to have in order for successful computer use to be completed.

Individuals interested in a computer with a TV tuner will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Gateway4300-15e model. This model comes with the standard Gateway case with a glossy black finish. Some people find that finished the distracting and easily capable of attracting dirt. The design is preferable for some because of easy access to the media ports and USB ports on the computer. Easy access to these two areas is one of the key cosmetic features that make this model popular. The unit has a very efficient quad CPU unit installed which makes it competitively fast with other brands on the market.

The Gateway4300-15e unit also has many video outputs, and can come with between 6 to 8 MB of ram depending on user specifications. Much like many other models on the market the gateway can be upgraded relatively easily and has a wireless Internet connection built into the system. The TV tuner certainly makes the Gateway brand unique in the marketplace which is extremely important in staying competitive. The unit does test slower than other computers in a variety of single tasks. It is however more than capable of multitasking without crashing in clinical tests. While a TV tuner will not replace the cable box, an online set up with many different networks can produce a fabulous home entertainment system thanks to the TV tuner.

Individuals that are looking for a high-end graphics card capability will not be pleased with this model. The power supply is only 300 W thereby limiting how much expansion can be done to the graphics card model in the unit. There are various video and audio output jacks available in many different formats. While this unit is not as comprehensive as others, it is entirely possible to upgrade this computer to be on the leading edge of multimedia machinery. The upgrades will be costly and there are cheaper base models that can be purchased, however the average user may be more comfortable with the service package offered by Gateway, as well as the marketplace value of the name brand.

Generally speaking the Gateway4300-15e model consumes more power than the competition. This can be costly for individuals that use the computer for long periods of time during the day. There are a variety of online services available for customer support as well as a toll-free 800 number. Most users choose to upgrade the one-year warranty that is offered by Gateway when purchasing this model. The computer is certainly capable of meeting the majority of needs of standard computer users.

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