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Geometric Vectors with Illustrator

Many people are at interested in using geometric vectors in their designs and creations. Doing this is especially beneficial for individuals that are trying to depict pictures of space. People that are very interested in space realize the benefits of geometric vectors in designs and illustrating the vast nature of outer space and the intricacies of the lines that exist therein. have another option is to use these designs to create abstract artistic endeavors using various forms of geometric vectors in order to get attention on the piece of art.

The first step is to open a illustrator program and create some rectangles. Each rectangle should have different parameters and they should be centrally aligned so that the use of geometric vectors is easier in the later stages of the design process. From here on other seven rectangles is necessary however we can duplicate some of the exact same rectangles using the alt key and dragging some pre-existing shapes into place. This will give you two columns to choose from when putting together your final geometric vector design.

The next step is to do the same thing on the left side of the page creating a third column. Creating more rectangles in the fourth column is probably a good idea so that you have a large variety to choose from when the final design is being put together. Selecting the first column is the next step. Using -40 as the angle as well as the vertical for the Axis is the proper step. Repeat these steps on each column alternating between positive 40° angles than -40° angles between each column Now the rectangle should be filled in with various colors. The colors should be vibrant and bright, you can use pink and yellow as well as any other attention-getting colors.

Line pattern should be placed on some of the rectangles. Selecting some of the pre-existing patterns is probably the best bet so that the average person is not frustrated with trying to create their own pattern. You can duplicate the rectangles so that when you move them the angle will be opposite what it previously was. You can change the color black and change the opacity to zero on some columns. Other columns should be left as transparent. This will allow for the development of illusions to start to take place. Now a person can start to add shading into the design so that they get different effects to route the graphic itself. This is the fun part because the design starts to take on a life of its own.

Now we will need to use the Photoshop program and paste the vectors in a smart objects so that they can be manipulated. Photoshop should have a new file open with a gray background as a new home for the vector designs The vector layer should be duplicated and the blend function should be used. Six more rectangles should be created with a variant of black and transparent. Stars can be created using the noise effect.. There should then be a layer of a paperlike design created. This process is very simplistic and can be found at the same time.

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